Is it possible to reorient the satellite map to the direction you're driving instead of the map always oriented north?

docdac | 18 March 2013

The NAV display on the front screen (beside the speedometer) is always oriented to the direction that you are driving.

gasnomo | 18 March 2013

My only guess as to why they didn't enable this on the main screen is because it serves as something of a compass, which most cars have but the MS does not. Direction the arrow is going is the compass so to speak.

hnashif | 18 March 2013

I find the front-up display, while it is easier to follow, is lacking. It gets me to where I want to go, without showing me where I am. Having both North Up and front up, helps.

Getting Amped Again | 18 March 2013

Dynamically rotating a high-resolution image that is being updated via a 3G network connection just isn't possible. It's already borderline too slow updating a static image. The left screen is updated using locally-stored maps and is probably 1/4 of the resolution (or less). You're never going to get a right-hand screen that rotates with your turning unless the S gets LTE or something better, IMO.

weeandthewads | 18 March 2013

I agree with Got Amped. No way a dynamically rotating high res image being updated via a 3G network can adjust fast enough to rotate with driving direction. I believe it will evolve over time with the change to LTE and on board maps.

cloroxbb | 18 March 2013

I wish you could cache all the google maps onto the built in memory, or allow downloading to a usb flash drive.

If optioned, I would definitely download all the google maps locally so they could load much faster. I really dont care about the orientation of the map though, because of the navigation next to the speedometer and the fact that it is very easy to determine whether you need to take a left or a right no matter what orientation the map is at. Its not hard at all.

tarun.1.jain | 18 February 2015

I have a 2015 Model S with tech package (w/ autopilot). In the navigation on the front dashboard - I see gray cloudish area in the maps - looks like the screen or maps is not able to refresh fast enough. Is this normal?