Navigation System

Navigation System

What, if anything, is the fix for the Nav glitch which causes the system to fail to hold a proper location or direction. I've made several calls and have been promised a software fix, but none has shown up.

J.T. | 14 October 2013

Patience. 5.6 is on the way.

CoreyM | 15 October 2013

Took delivery of my S85 on September 10th with v5.0. Had been emailing with about my GPS issues and was pushed v5.6 (1.45.32) last week and the issues seem to have gone away...No spinning Nav marker or being placed on wrong streets (or the middle of a lake) since.

jcryer | 15 October 2013

I was contacted by email that they are working on this fix and would let me know when they have it solved. I took delivery on October 19. How were you able to get the software upgrade?

Devin B | 15 October 2013

I took delivery of my 60 on September 4th. Nav problems from day one.

I had my car in for service on Oct 3rd and they replaced replaced my MCU, Media Control Unit. No more Nav problems since then.

The valet brought me a P85 which I had for a few days while they fixed the GPS and one other issue. Great service!


jcryer | 19 October 2013

I meant to say I got my car on September 19 not October19. Tesla sent me an email saying they would contact me when the fix was available. Have not heard from them as of yet. It seems that some of you are getting this issue repaired. I will wait a little longer to see if they initiate the fix, but it is annoying to see the screen spin and the car so far off track.