Nice weather app for your screen

Nice weather app for your screen

Type this in your browser and then remember it in your favorites.

I'm happy with how it looks and works in the car. What do you think?

andykeller | 12 April 2013

That's pretty nice.

I had been using because it loads fast and is pretty sparse compared to and others I've tried. It also shows hourly and 5 day on the same page with a link to 10 day.

I try this next time I get in the car.

Brian H | 12 April 2013

Very nice indeed. Like the animation.

Leofingal | 12 April 2013

I like it too. Simple and to the point with no crap.

DouglasR | 12 April 2013

I dunno. We still don't have nice weather. | 12 April 2013

nice | 12 April 2013

much nicer on the need to manually put in your location on the MS & the graphics are slowed way down...still bookmarked it.