OMG: digitaltim’s delivery story…

OMG: digitaltim’s delivery story…

OMG: digitaltim’s delivery story…

My Delivery Experience Specialist (Jamee H.) and I had been in contact almost weekly since mid-September. In our exchange this past Friday, she asked if I could take delivery on Sunday at 9a. I hesitated - running through the calendar for the weekend in my head which included a 5-session swim meet which my daughters were participating in (25 hours at the pool and I was officiating) as well as my father-in-law’s 85th birthday dinner on Sunday night. After a quick shout out to my wife, I conceded and said I would make it work – like there was ever any doubt!!

For those that are keeping records, my original MVPA delivery date (signed in June) was September and my delivery window communicated on 9/18 was 10/12-26. Elon (and other Tesla execs) confirmed my delivery was imminent at the Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year event in NYC last Monday – see NY Times post here – that was just too cool!!!

Sunday could not come quick enough…

I was up late Saturday night like a kid on Christmas Eve – my wife distracted me with a movie (PS I Love You which I recommend for the scenery of Ireland alone). At 5a on Sunday, I grabbed a quick shower, woke my eldest and ushered her to the pool by 630a. I doubled-back to house and the wait continued. My brother (a professional photographer) arrived at 8a with his eldest daughter. We popped open two Guinness Extra Stouts (it was after noon in Ireland, we had something to celebrate, pick your excuse…) and made the girls some cereal and eggs. At 9a, my youngest (not scheduled to swim until noon) sat by the window on watch for the delivery truck. She must have looked away at some point because the next time she turned around, the Model S was sitting alone in our driveway unveiled and gleaming in the morning sun.

Jamee came to the front door - we quickly signed paperwork to give Tesla power of attorney to handle the registration, I handed over final payment and then we headed outside to see the car. We spent the next hour and a half walking through every knob, button and screen of the car – paired the phone, programmed HomeLink (a bit of a pain, but we got both garage doors going after a couple attempts), etc. Jamee was just a delight!

My config is red exterior, white interior, lacewood, rear seats, pano roof, rear spoiler, performance wheels and paint armor. The car was delivered with ~95 miles on it. There are a few bubbles in the paint armor that I’ll address with service at a later date. In addition, there are a few smudges in the white leather that I will deal with myself. The rear seats, spoiler and parcel shelf are due bill. I will also be ordering a spare charging cable and 14-50 plug since I want to leave one permanently in the garage. I plan to have the windows tinted this coming weekend and will order some mats for the backseat. We briefly tested the NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage adding 5 miles of range in a few minutes (it was delivered with 85 miles of charge) and finished by packing full of swim gear.

My youngest and I were off by 11a to the pool in her first ever all-electric auto experience – she was ecstatic…bouncing off the walls even more the usual, but being careful to not harm the leather. ;-) Elon made a comment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week that resonated with me as a really good argument for the naysayers – we can debate climate change, but we know we’ll eventually run out of oil – it is time to make the switch now to alternate energy products that power the grid and transportation – why wait? I love my car…

For those who spend time on Facebook, here is the album my brother posted – click here - a subset of the photos are posted below. We’ll find some time in the future to do a proper job with better light (i.e., at dusk in the magic hour).

Living the dream…


PS - we drove my 85yo father-in-law home from dinner Sunday night, he was beyond impressed.

asblik | 19 November 2012

Congrats! great story and gallery.. The Model S turns men into 5yr olds :)

Scorch | 19 November 2012

Thanks for sharing, its exciting!

Ohms.Law | 19 November 2012


+1. Thanks for the wonderful story. And who said men can't multitask! Good job.

jbunn | 19 November 2012

Tim, congratulations. What's your reservation number, if you don't mind?

digitaltim | 19 November 2012

@jbunn - Sig737/Vin628

Tâm | 19 November 2012

Congratulations Tim.

Thanks for sharing your happiness and the beautiful pictures.

Wow! Lots of Tesla smiles in those pictures!

The best one is when you sat at the driver seat, leaning your right arm on the center arm rest/cup holder, looking toward the passenger side and smiling.

Theresa | 19 November 2012

I am wondering about the level of charge the car was delivered with. I thought they were supposed to be nearly full at delivery but I see that you stated there was only about 85 miles of range. What have others been seeing at delivery time?

TikiMan | 19 November 2012

Congrats Tim!

I got my P85 Sig last Thursday, and it has been nothing but astonishing ever since! Today was my first day back directing in Burbank (a 126 round-trip commute) from my home in South Orange County. As I don't have my HOV lane access stickers yet, I sat in the usual bumper-to-bumper LA traffic (which gets worse by the day here). Regardless, I feel like a million-bucks in this car! It was nice to finally show all the folks at the studio I direct at, the car I have been talking ad nauseam about for two years now, and EVERONE was blown away! (BTW...thanks Elon and everyone at Tesla for not making me look like the boy who cried wolf).

I got to say, this car is like nothing else, and only after a few days in it, I don't know how I could ever go back to an ICE car ever again.

If you are anything like me, this car will change your life!

digitaltim | 20 November 2012

@Tam thanks!

@TikiMan I definitely feel the (undeserved) rock star status and have to factor in "Tesla time" to chat with people as you enter/leave the car.

s_curve | 20 November 2012

Thanks, Tim. Congratulations! It's great to see all you remaining Sigs get your cars. Lets me know that us 'P's are on the way. I can't wait. P3307.

Usmclsc | 20 November 2012

Tim, thanks so much for the delivery story! Reading it darn near gave me goose bumps! My wife and I have a long wait, but we're patient...and extremely excited to get the car! The pictures are great! Waiting for you to post those other pictures taken during the "magic" hour!

P13413 | 20 November 2012

Very cool. Thanks for sharing

Brian H | 21 November 2012

So, will it be making lotsa cameo appearances in films soon? :D

TikiMan | 21 November 2012

@Brian, I won't identify who, but there is this 'person' at DreamWorks SKG who is driving a black on right now! ;-)

Vawlkus | 22 November 2012

Model S for the next Bond car :P

portia | 22 November 2012

congrats @digitaltim!
I do love the sig red with the white interior, the difference with mine is carbon fibre and grey wheels.
and I picked up mine at the factory, full charge, with only 65 miles on it.

digitaltim | 22 November 2012

Ok, I think I have decided on mats for the car.

I plan to order Coco mats - - in black with white dots. I have an inquiry to them now to see if they will make one long mat for the rear.

digitaltim | 23 November 2012

3M Crystalline installed all the way around today - 60 in the front and 40 everywhere else. I will post pics in the next day or two.

cpetrush | 23 November 2012

Please do, would love to see the pics. I looked into the 3M and also plan to have it installed...when the car arrives. What's a ballpark on cost for such a thing? Under 500, well over? What's the legal allowance in your area, 60?

digitaltim | 24 November 2012

My understanding is that 35 is the limit in MD. A little over $500 - 3M Crystalline seems to be 2-3x regular tint. The heat lamp demo is impressive - good to have that level of protection all the way around along with a little darkening of the windows.

digitaltim | 26 November 2012

1st Baltimore-NJ drive this morning. Here are the stats:

Start: 269 rated miles
Distance/Energy: 196.1 miles 67.8 kWh 346 Wh/m
Average Speed: 65 mph
End: 34 rated miles

I started w/ a range charge to ensure I could make it in one trip - cannot wait for the DE-based SuperCharger so I can avoid these.

Brian H | 26 November 2012

Using CC, or manual(pedal)?

digitaltim | 26 November 2012

@Brian H - CC 99% of the way with very slight adjustments - I was traveling 330-630a eastern so traffic was extremely light.

...and "trip" above should have been "charge."