Optional "regular" doors for the X

Optional "regular" doors for the X

I have never bought a new car in my life, but would love to own a Tesla, possibly even the Model X. The one non-negotiable deal-breaker for me, however, is the inability to carry kayaks, skis, bikes, or luggage containers on the roof. I need to carry a kayak on top of my car, and currently, my '92 Civic does a better job of this than the X will. An $80K SUV that can't carry gear up top is ridiculous.

Elon and Team: Please come up with a solution for this. Maybe optional hinges that convert the doors to the standard style, thus allowing a roof rack?

And please don't suggest the option of towing a trailer.

Brian H | 23 November 2013

Some kind of rack solution is in the works, and interior space is larger than you think.

Malibu_Two | 25 November 2013

Trunk and frunk space are very cool, but a rack solution is the big thing when it comes to surfing, skiing, biking, camping, etc.
I'm thinking of some sort of rack that raises up as the doors open upwards. I'll leave it to Tesla to work their magic.

bodaddy | 8 December 2013

Elon and Team,

Please make the option for standard doors and a roof rack. Simple!

Brian H | 8 December 2013

There's a loonnngg thread on this:

Not happening.