Orbital Telemetry and the Model S

Orbital Telemetry and the Model S

As I intently watched this morning’s capture and docking of the Dragon spacecraft, I was struck by the similarity of that mission to the operation of the Model S. There is obviously a continuous data stream, both ways, taking place between Space X and the capsule. So too is there now an in-place data communications link between Fremont and each of our existing or soon-to-be vehicles. Think about this: nowhere else on earth is there such a communication capability between the automobile and its manufacturer. Particularly one that is capable of real time functionality improvements and adjustments. This is so totally without precedent (AFAIK anyway) that we tend to overlook its implications for the future of land-based transportation. Yes, we are witnessing Silicon Valley at its finest and a real historical breakthrough for the automobile industry.

Thank you Tesla and big congratulations to Space X for today’s accomplishment.

nickjhowe | 10 October 2012

I think the push updates might be new, but things like OnStar with data uplink, remote operator voice assist and remote engine start/stop and unlocking have been around for years.

Reli | 11 October 2012

why arent these integrated on the current tesla? would be nice to have SOS assistance like the luxury automakers to be more competitiveness even if it cost more

Ohms.Law | 12 October 2012

+1 Reli

Point well made.

Ohms.Law | 12 October 2012

+1 nickjhowe

Okay, you get one too!

Vawlkus | 12 October 2012

It's probably on their list to add on, once the data plan questions have been ironed out completely. No good to offer a service if they're still negotiating with their carrier.

Tiebreaker | 12 October 2012

Model S nearing another Model S, sending a hello. Maybe a lunch together at the next supercharger?

The communication potential is enormous: sharing traffic data (like Waze, and maybe including Waze), warning on potential issues, charger locations, superchargers info, just plain social networking... between S-es and S-es and the mother ship... with owners' consent, configurable...