PBS Motor Week review thanks to Bill Clarke

PBS Motor Week review thanks to Bill Clarke

I just watched PBS Motor Week on TV this morning and I am so pleased that even PBS got a hold of brand new Model S for a preliminary review.

What more impressive is this is before Tesla will supply it and thus, owner Bill Clarke drove his Model S from CA to his home in MD and let Motor Week borrow for a day.

Thanks Bill for letting the press test out your car for the public good.

TikiMan | 8 December 2012

As much as I understand the criteria at MW is for hard-core ICE junkies, with a moral segment on green energy, I really feel they need to up the bar when they finally do a full review on the MS.

The show gave a RAVE review for the new BMW M5, and then acted like the Tesla MS was just a few steps above a Nissan Leaf (seriously???) I don't know who at MW wrote the comentary, however, they didn't really showcase how amazing the MS really is. They should have at least mentioned it was a STUPID FAST car capable of blowing away Porsche's, Ferrari's, and ALL Benze's and BMW's!!!! (including the one they tested for the show).

Bennett R. | 8 December 2012

I came away with a much stronger impression of the review.

What I want to know more about is Bill Clarke's cross country trip. That's pretty impressive, without even the aid of a network of supercharger stations!

jchangyy | 8 December 2012

Thank you Bill, for loaning your car to Motor Week for a nice review. Now, it's time for Tesla to loan out the vehicle so they can do the track testing and show that it is faster than BMW M5.