Perfect score in 2012 crash tests

Perfect score in 2012 crash tests

Elon stated that TM was on track to get a perfect 5 star crash test rating in all categories according to the 2012 NHTSA standards. I think this is wonderful and I am sure they will reach this soon.

They won't however be the first or only one:

Congratulations to GM and TM for setting the standards high.

Leofingal | 14 November 2011

I am impressed that of all cars, the Camaro ended up being the first. I am not too surprised that a GM car did so, but to be honest, the target buyers of Camaros are more interested in acceleration/power specs than safety. Kudos to GM for achieving this.

Nicu | 14 November 2011

"The Chevy Camaro coupe is the first vehicle to earn a perfect score in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's safety testing since the federal testing procedures were revised for 2011"

So it has a perfect score by 2011 standards. Model S will be the first (and has a shot of being the only one for a while) to have a perfect score by 2012 standards.

Brian H | 14 November 2011

That doesn't follow. "Since" leaves open the 2012 standards as the ones followed.
From another Autoblog article:
"For the 2011 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has implemented tougher crash testing procedures that make it more difficult for vehicles to receive a five-star rating. The new test is known as the NCAP, or New Car Assessment Program, and the first batch of cars were evaluated earlier in the year. Ten more vehicles have been subjected to the NCAP, and the results are promising... for most"

A commenter on this article observed:
"Technically the Camaro did not ace all NHTSA tests. NHTSA has tests for the performance of Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) (two features NHTSA HIGHLY recommends you have). Since the Camaro does not offer these features yet, so they weren't test.

If you look at the safercar website you will notice that NHTSA has added three "Active Safety" checkboxes. One is for Electronic Stability Control (ESC), one for Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and one for Lane Departure Warning. All three checkboxes are checked for the new GMC Terrain, but not for the Camaro." So it doesn't have "Active Safety" stars, while (I presume) the 'S' would get tested for those.

Brian H | 14 November 2011

Additionally, I note that their list of cars to be tested in 2012 does not include any Tesla models.
So perhaps Elon has been referring to other testing agencies?

jbunn | 14 November 2011

I like the sticker on the Camero that says "Post Test".

Just to keep the control group seperate from the test subjects, I assume.

TS | 31 July 2013

Any news?????

ian | 31 July 2013

None yet. Last month at a Tech Talk here in Seattle I heard the speaker say that NHTSA buys their cars to test so they don't get ringers and they just haven't yet published any results for the Model S yet.


JPPTM | 31 July 2013

At Teslive last month, George B said that the NHTSA just took delivery of 2 Model S (June). Not sure how long it takes them to test.

cybrown | 31 July 2013

How would he know they took delivery? I thought the NHTSA bought their cars anonymously.

cfOH | 31 July 2013

I was told by my delivery specialist on Monday that NHTSA got their car delivered through the Ohio service center and that it happened to be one of the VINs that was recalled for the potentially weak rear seat attachment weld. The service center had to get the car back, repair it, and then give it back to the NHTSA. And that wasn't that long ago. So, while testing may have been completed, the results haven't yet been posted to my knowledge.

Flaninacupboard | 1 August 2013


When every car has GPS and a data connection back to tesla it should be easy to tell when a car rolls into the NHTSA test facility, or the GM one, or Mercedes, or China, etc.... ;)

JPPTM | 1 August 2013

Flaninacupboard--indeed, George B confirmed @ Teslive that they have tracked Model S to Germany (...can you say BMW) and Russia as well as China.

LionPowered | 1 August 2013

Unless the 3G connection works in those countries how would they get the GPS data?
Maybe Tesla tracked those cars shipped to foreign countries with a different method than GPS.

eddiemoy | 1 August 2013

didn't elon say they over design the safty to surpass NHSTA testing standards? after watching some of the crash pictures of tesla owners, i believe him!!

GeekEV | 1 August 2013

@eddiemoy - He did, but people and corporations say lots of things that aren't true. I trust Elon though, and the various crash reports and pictures bear that out (as you said). The proof, however, is in the pudding. I want the official result already!

Brian H | 2 August 2013

The original expression is more expressive: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Try it, you'll like it!

Captain_Zap | 2 August 2013

Interesting. The Model S didn't make the list in this press release:

Maybe it turned out to be a higher volume car than they originally anticipated.

Captain_Zap | 2 August 2013

On a side note, I read that NHTSA has added some more stringent tests. Today's star rating will not be equivilent to yesterday's 5 star rating due to additional tests and other criteria.

tobi_ger | 3 August 2013

That presser is from 9/2012. In one media event Elon explicitly mentioned their own tests to fulfil the 5 stars by 2012 standards.

With that said, I would assume the 5 stars for the MS test should still be reached, or did standards change since last year already/again?