Performance idea

Performance idea

As part of the new battery back, install a similar electronic high-power fuse from the P90D into the Roadster. Tesla "Roadster 3.0 Sport" edition anyone? :)

eric.zucker | 30 November 2015

Yeah. And what about the cabling, PEM, inverter, and motor ? All these would need upgrading as well, not just the fuse.

I'd much rather have a Supercharger enabled roadster, even if the charging rate was less than Model S/X.

At least I could plug in and charge at the fastest speed the Roadster allows. Max regen is about 20kW, that would be a good start. Actually the max AC charging rate is (70A @ 230V) 16kW, we're in the same ballpark.

Not in the cards unfortunately. Probably Tesla doesn't was us Roadsters tying up precious Supercharger stalls for 2-3 hours each time...

jm.mico | 11 January 2016

Max regen is in mine ~40kW, and Jdemo test have shown charging for 30minutes sustaining 50kW. I still do not understand why TESLA did not make it Supercharger compatible, that would have been pretty awesome. Technically is feasible.