Performance model reservation?

Performance model reservation?

From this Edmunds article:

"If you want one, expect to leave a refundable deposit of $5,000 for the base model or $40,000 for the Performance model."

As far as I can see, the only option available for reserving a Model X is a $5k deposit. Are the performance models all reserved at this point, or is Edmunds just making stuff up?

grant10k | 12 June 2015

"Misinformed" probably. $40,000 is the cost for the limited edition Signature edition, which is effectively sold out. The performance-ness is up to the signature reservation holder.

vandacca | 12 June 2015

The $40,000 deposit was for a limited, first-run, Signature Model, which is all sold out in most markets. There may be a few Signature models left in certain European countries.

That means, only non-Signature models are left in most markets, which is $5,000.

tob | 13 June 2015

Thanks all. grant10k, my hope was something along the lines of what you said - I knew I wouldn't get a signature edition, but I'd hoped / though I could configure whatever I do get with whatever performance-y level I wanted.

Brian H | 16 June 2015

You can configure whatever you want. The $40k figure has nothing to do with it.

endotile | 7 July 2015

True that, Brian lol

jim.c | 1 November 2015