Photos of the tan leather interior - ignore the other post please

Photos of the tan leather interior - ignore the other post please

I totally mangled the other post trying to insert photos. Thanks to some forum help I know how to do it now. I just wanted to alert potential buyers to try and see the interior finish materials in person as some of them look a bit different than in the computer renderings on the website (although those are expertly done). Thanks, and sorry for the double-post.

TikiMan | 27 October 2012

It still looks amazing! :-)

Getting Amped Again | 27 October 2012

@TikiMan - I think it looks better in real life than in the website renderings, but some people like that more saturated look. I was kind of turned off by the website, but now I consider the tan a strong contender for my Model S. That is the Obeche Gloss wood, and the lighter color in it exactly matches the tan leather. It IS a nice look!

stevenmaifert | 27 October 2012

I configured with the tan leather and Obeche Gloss wood. Those pictures confirm I will be happy with my choice. Thanks a bunch.

ChasF | 27 October 2012

Beware fingerprints on the gloss obeche....

pilotSteve | 27 October 2012

Thanks for the pictures. The color is very much like the "tan" interior in my BMW 5-series, which I really like.

I'm going for the Sig White because, in real life, it looks more light tan than "white", in much the same way that the web site images of tan don't look like your photos.

Very nice to have Tan and Sig White as choices. Tesla chose well imo.

haansberger | 28 October 2012

Nice iPod holder - even can fit two ;-)
So there is use for the cup holders !

Robert22 | 28 October 2012

The cup holders just never looked right IMO and defeat the purpose of the armrest. I really thought they would address this since it was a common complaint during the beta viewings. Fortunately, Soflauthor's CCI obviates the need for a cup holder in this location. Perhaps an "armrest extender plug" can now be fashioned.

I also configured with the tan and gloss Obeche and concur, no regrets. Thanks for posting.

nickjhowe | 28 October 2012

Cross-posted at the request of @Getting Amped so the old thread can die:
I'm still concerned about the ripples in the seat fabric. I saw it first on the beta cars, but it looks like Dave has it too:

My Range Rover is 10 years old and the leather is still tight and ripple free. Ditto my wife's five year old Lexus. Is everyone seeing this rippling on the Model S? Is anyone worried?

TikiMan | 28 October 2012


Yes, those ripples are the exact reason why I choose tan over black, as it is ten-times more noticeable on the black leather seats.

GLO | 29 October 2012

Thanks for the photos, we are still happy with the tan leather and obeche wood gloss. Having seen fingerprints on a shiny black car in the San Jose showroom, even the worst fingerprints are still better than the black. We are getting pearlwhite, tan leather and obeche wook gloss...Love the look!! Now want the car...I agree with Tikiman on the ripples too...