Porsche Talks Electric Drive: Surprise ... it's Better!

Porsche Talks Electric Drive: Surprise ... it's Better!

Got an email newsletter from Porsche about their new 918 hybrid supercar. Front and rear electric motors + a V8.

If you read through their website copy, they go on and on about the superiority of the instant torque, high efficiency, and about their really smart new battery which is, umm ... liquid cooled lithium ion with a 20 Kw home fast charger.

Well Duh!

Nice to hear that the genuinely great engineering talent at Porsche has now come to the same conclusion that TM reached years ago.

And when they figure out that they need to ditch the dinosaur motor too, I might even shop their cars again.

But my next sports car is more likely to be a next gen Tesla roadster.

SamO | 12 September 2013

+1 mark k

Plus the car is ~$800,000, so not exactly a comp for anything except the ultra lux.

Although it did destroy the record at Nurbergring for a "production" car. WTF ever that means.

Thomas N. | 12 September 2013

I've heard it doesn't have rear cupholders.

carlk | 12 September 2013

918 was announced a couple years ago. So was Honda's next NSX supercar that will also have electric motor assist. I think its great that those supercar manufacturers start to realize the potential of electric motor. Mark, yes I wish I can buy the Roadster II now.

ChetB | 12 September 2013

In 1900 Professor Porsche (senior) designed and built his first car, an all-electric model with motors at each wheel.

I think current Porsche management understands the need to transition from petroleum fuel to electric, but they are doing it to slowly for me. I've owned a number of Porsches but hope that Tesla eventually offers a new Roadster.

Barry (using his father Chet's Tesla account to post)

gooshjkc | 12 September 2013

Porsche just like all other manufacturers do not want to jump ship yet and give up their ICE engines. However, I feel they will move forward faster than any other manufacturers to a total electric or another kind of alternative fuel vehicle. I own several Porsches and I have spoken to several hierarchies in the company and they have told me by 2015 forward all of their vehicle will be hybrids (including the iconic 911). That tells me they are moving to something electric or otherwise.

Haeze | 12 September 2013

If you are going for a design with a pure Electric Drive Train (no mechanical connection between the generator and the wheels) the 4-stroke is one of the LEAST efficient motors you can use. The best is the Turbine engine that Jaguar was proposing putting in their C-X75 Electric car.

Brian H | 14 September 2013

There will only be 918 918s made. ;) Very limited edition.