Potential new owner / range question

Potential new owner / range question

Hello all - I test drove a Model S earlier this week, and needless to say was blown away. I am currently seriously contemplating putting a deposit down :-).

As I was browsing through the forums a couple of days back, I came across a link to an excellent post explaining how to get the best / maximum range - unfortunately I cannot seem to locate it and was hoping someone can point to the link. Thanks in advance.

J.T. | 9 May 2013

use as a forum search engine. Put "optimal range" in the search box and you should get multiple threads to read.

spaghetti | 9 May 2013

Thanks. I found the link I was referring to and am posting it here.

Brian H | 9 May 2013

Yep, a fun game to play with your MS, that never gets old.