Pricing for Model X

Pricing for Model X

This is likely discussed in another forum so sorry if so. From the beginning Tesla told us that the MX pricing would be comparable to the MS. Should I budget for a Model S type number or a Model S with dual motor? I can't go over $90k for my MX, so am I wasting my time here? I sure hope not!

NumberOne | 6 February 2015

You are likely going to be looking at least 90k for the 85kWh Model X, because it will essentially be the same price as the Dual Motor S. Just price out the S with Dual motors and all the options you might want to see what you can afford. The difference will be less than $5k when compared to the S. I do not know if the difference will be up or down. I hope down...

ian | 6 February 2015

I hope you're right about that "less than $5k difference" prediction. I have a feeling it will be more than that.

Remnant | 7 February 2015

Tesla/Elon appears highly motivated to have a high demand for the MX.

The new MX description includes both a superlative of the design features ("uncompromised performance", "automobile above category") and an unexpected variety of powertrain options ("multiple battery and performance options"), suggesting a broad pricing range, clearly intended to attract as many buyers as possible.

The MX seems to become profiled as the herald of the MΞ with regard to appeal and affordability. We are likely to see a lot of MX's on the roads by the year's end and in 2016. | 7 February 2015

Elon has said that the MX would be single digit % higher than a comparable MS. Price out the S85D. Add 5-10% (you pick). That will be your number. Say you add nothing but tech pkg, AWD and rear facing seats (to approximate 3rd row in MX.) You get about $83K net of federal tax rebate. With sales tax that would be about $90K net depending on where you live. That would make the MX about $95 to $100K net of rebate. With a $90K limit you are wasting your time unless you wait and buy a loaner. Sorry.

aljjr2 | 7 February 2015

I would agree on the pricing models mentioned using the Model S design center. Keep in mind the Tax Credit is a "credit against taxes owed". So everyone has a unique situation; therefore, the max tax credit is $7500 on Federal. For some, it could be less than $7500 or even 0. The credit would apply for the tax year when one buys the Model X and filed by April 15 of the following year. Same may be true of many State tax incentives.

If financing, it is NOT money Uncle Sam is giving you at the time of purchase. There is NO credit Tesla would receive in lieu of your paying the full amount owed. So you need to finance or pay down the full price of the car. | 8 February 2015

Ooh, subtle but important tax information. Thanks for that. I'm wondering: if you buy a loaner from Tesla, does it qualify? Tesla says yes. If you buy a Model S, and trade it in on a Model X, do you get two credits. I think yes as I don't see anything to the contrary.

Brian H | 8 February 2015

People get hung up on "taxes owed". That's your total taxes paid for the year, not outstanding only.

TonyInNH | 8 February 2015

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that anyone who can afford an X is probably gonna get the full 7500 credit.

Jonathangarner | 8 February 2015

Thank you for all of your responses. Hopefully we will see the production version very soon. I may inspire me to exceed my budget guidelines!

Jonathangarner | 8 February 2015

Make that "It may".

ian | 8 February 2015

I'm fully expecting to be spending over my budget. Wait, does that mean I've actually budgeted more than I think I've budgeted?

Oh dear. Maybe George can help me figure this out. ;-)

aljjr2 | 8 February 2015

No Tax credits on used cars. Even those able to afford a Model X could face AMT. Alternative Minimum Tax. Just saying be aware. Folks may want to chat with a Tax Accountant...these forums are less than accurate on occasion. Believe it or not! | 8 February 2015

A Tesla-owned car is technically not used, I think, since it has never been sold.

Budget elasticity is a fascinating topic of its own. Sounds kind of like a rubber band except it may hurt more when it snaps.

I expect to give my tax accountant some interesting challenges next year. AMT? Scary, really scary. Stop it.

Also, by the end of 2016 Tesla will be pushing up against 200,000 vehicles delivered which is where the federal phase out begins. I hope I get my MX this year.

Brian H | 8 February 2015

Inventory cars and loaners etc. from Tesla stock count as new sales.