problem with logging in - who is to ask?

problem with logging in - who is to ask?

Hi there,
who is the admin here?
I keep having to reset my password cause nothing happens
when logging in normally. The log-in site doesn't react at all
after entering username and password.
Cookies are of course accepted.
So who can take care of these kind of issues here?
Thanks in advance.

Brian H | 22 August 2014 , 1-877-778-3752.

richaw | 22 August 2014

Is your browser supplying the password?
Put your cursor at the end of the password and hit space/backspace.
Maybe you can login then.

DaphneGreen | 23 August 2014

I've had problems, too. Sometimes it remembers me, sometimes it doesn't. I've tried reentering my password and nada. Then for some reason later in the day or the next day, it'll work fine.