problems since 4.2 update

problems since 4.2 update

anyone else having trouble with bluetooth connection or left dash panel not showing energy graph since 4.2 update?

nickjhowe | 29 January 2013

I've reported on another thread (and to TM) that after navigation is canceled the energy graph doesn't display in the left panel and has to be manually reselected.

Bluetooth OK.

Mark22 | 29 January 2013

After navigation the left side is blank until I manually select something.
I have not noticed a Bluetooth issue. However, I will test that out tomorrow.

EVTripPlanner | 29 January 2013

Ditto here. Once I manually reconnected BT from phone it was OK.

JohnFloyd | 30 January 2013

I'm not having Bluetooth issues, and I will try the nav. My one "feature" that seems to have disappeared is the Sync Temp option on the climate controls. It's no biggie, for sure, but just wondering if it was gone for everyone or if I need to do a reboot of sorts?

jat | 30 January 2013

No Bluetooth issues. I normally keep trip info in the left panel, and as soon as I leave navigation it goes back to it.

mkh1437 | 30 January 2013

Media app also disappears from the left panel after navigation is complete. Basically, it works like this: If you have some app displayed in the left dash panel (e.g., energy, media), and then you set some route in the Nav app, the navigation steps appear in the left dash panel, replacing whatever you had there before. When you reach your destination and navigation is complete, the left panel does not return to your original setting, it just stays blank.
But this is not new with 4.x. It has been doing this since I had 1.15.14.

welockett | 30 January 2013

I am having the Bluetooth issues. Every morning I have to manually connect my iPhone. Car sits all day at work and is fine, but it needs reconnecting every morning after charging and sitting overnight.

jat | 30 January 2013

@mkh1437 - I am not seeing that, at least with the trip display showing in the left panel. Last night, I used navigation, and when I exited it the left panel went back to showing trip information with no further action required on my part. I never had that issue while on 4.1 either.

mkh1437 | 30 January 2013

@jat, you said "when I exited it the left panel went back to showing trip information". Do you mean it goes back to showing whatever you had in the left panel before you initiated the navigation?

TINO F | 30 January 2013


Remove your Bluetooth setting from the car, and from your phone, and re-sync. That should rectify the problem.

jrabena | 30 January 2013

My left dash display comes and goes as it pleases in both my original SW 1.15.14? and 4.2 which I installed a few days ago.

However, my voice commands don't work at all in 4.2 (not that they worked before). No matter what I do, I get an error message that what I said was "unclear".

GLO | 30 January 2013

OK, this is interesting. We've seen the left side panel and nav issue but 4.2 did not install when it was supposed to so we are still running 4.1. We are supposed to install tonight with a work around...Hmmm.I post the results of this little experiment tomorrow.

jat | 30 January 2013

@mkh1437 - yes, though the only times I can remember that was showing trip information before and after using navigation -- if you usually have something else there, it is possible it is related to what was showing. | 30 January 2013

JohnFloyd - "... disappeared is the Sync Temp option on the climate controls".

I have it with 4.2, but I didn't notice it with 4.1. I thought it was a new feature. Perhaps there is some initial operation to get it to show up such as having two different left and right temps? Once it showed up for me it always appears now. Perhaps I pressed somewhere other than the up/down arrow to get it to appear? Try tapping the temp value between the up/down buttons.

mike_f | 30 January 2013

I just received an update last night, now 1.19.42. Does anyone know what this "fixed"?

Brian H | 30 January 2013

It's prob'ly your thick Sveedish accent!

mbcaffe | 31 January 2013

"Use the SYNC option (that pops up when you touch the arrow) to set the same temperature for both the driver and passenger side at the same time."

tap the tesla logo and it will tell what version and changes are on it. I also received 1.19.42. I had 4.2 but I guess it was an older version. I did notice the voice command operation changed slightly. You press and hold while issuing the voice command and then release when you are done.
I have not noticed anything else but I did not read the entire description.

noel.smyth | 31 January 2013

went from 4.0 to 4.2 and the only display in the left dash is when I use navigation. in 4.0 I would also see energy on left dash.
also it appears right dash only can have music there - I used to be able to select what I want to see there.
not sure if this change was intentional (I suspect not)

nickjhowe | 31 January 2013

@JohnFloyd - re Sync Temp - mine disappeared for a couple of days and then magically reappeared - no updates were installed during this time. Weird.

mkh1437 | 31 January 2013

@noel.smith, you should be able to add whatever apps you want on either side on the dash display. If you hold down the left or right scroll wheels on the steering wheel (for whichever side you want to set), you will get a scrolling list of the available apps.

noel.smyth | 31 January 2013

@MKH1427 - you are correct, I was mistaken, the right side works perfectly when I click the button below the wheel and select customize. the left side does not give me the option.

mkh1437 | 31 January 2013

Hmmm... left side should work the same, but you have to click and hold the scroll wheel, not the button below it. If it doesn't maybe try rebooting your displays.

erictridoc | 1 February 2013

My 4.2 download was completed about three days ago. Following this every time I open the door and sit down the windshield wipers take one swipe. My navigation application (google maps) will now occasionally not function. This requires a reboot to get it to work again. In addition, after the download a red message bar appeared stating the car needs service-please call the service center. The engineers were able to reset the message error remotely, but the other problems persist. Tesla states this is the first time that they have heard of the wiper problem. Has anybody else experienced this?

Joshua Burstyn | 1 February 2013

I would load the 4.2 software but... oh that's right... The 'S isn't here yet. Sigh. :-)

mkh1437 | 1 February 2013 the windshield wiper wipe seems to only occur if you left the wipers in one of the auto-sensing settings. If you turn it all the way off, then it shouldn't happen. I would agree, however, that you should be able to leave them in the auto position and not have it do the single wipe when entering the car.

DouglasR | 1 February 2013

The wiper splash is a known problem, and it existed prior to 4.2. If the wipers are set to "auto," when the door opens the car turns on, the sensors detect any moisture on the windshield, and the wipers splash anyone entering the car (it may even happen if the windshield is dry -- I'm not sure).

A simple fix would be to disable the "auto" feature whenever the front door is open.

mkh1437 | 1 February 2013

I do not think it is dependent on whether moisture is detected. I find that it does the single swipe even if my car is in the garage and bone dry. It seems completely dependent on whether the wipers were left in one of the auto-sensing settings.

DouglasR | 1 February 2013


You are probably right. However, the wet ones are the ones I mostly remember. :)

I just got an email from Ownership stating that the windshield issue is a known inconvenience from software 4.1, but was corrected in 4.2.

I will let him know that 4.2 didn't fix it.

mkh1437 | 1 February 2013

@DouglasR agreed. I'm also still seeing it with 4.2.

sergiyz | 1 February 2013

It's a "feature" on other cars as well, I think to let you know the wipers are set to auto.

DouglasR | 1 February 2013

Sure, and a little splash of water in the face keeps you awake when you start driving.

Alex K | 1 February 2013

The windshield wiper doing a swipe every time the car is started is not a good thing when you are in a dry climate with dust on your windshield.

jjaeger | 1 February 2013

AlexK - then just turn the windshield wiper off of Auto if you are in a dry climate. Easy peasy.

Alex K | 2 February 2013

@jjaeger | FEBRUARY 1, 2013: then just turn the windshield wiper off of Auto if you are in a dry climate.

Yes, that's what I do when in AZ. But for a setting that is suppose to be "automatic", I sure have to do allot of manual controlling of it. My other cars have auto windshield wipers and they do not decide to do a jig each time they are turned on.

Kit-60kWh now 85D | 2 February 2013

My cabin temperature setting/heating isn't working since the update. I thought at first that the temp display on the top left corner of the screen was wrong, but no matter how I change the cabin temp selection, I get no heat. Brrr.The outside temp is displayed. Anyone else have this problem?

jjaeger | 2 February 2013

AlexK, my Seville had the same behavior (one swipe at start-up), so I was not overly surprised when the S did its thing. Now with the Cadi, I was always in the car when it was 'started', so did not have to dodge the potential spray. Assuming Tesla wants to keep the behavior, am sure that they could tweak it so the driver seat needs to be occupied. I kept the car in automatic mode all winter long, and turned it to Off during the summer months (where it never rains here in the bay area).

STARR X | 2 February 2013

I received my Model S on Monday, January 21 and loved it for the week! That weekend, I got the message to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 which I did. I am only charging at work as do not have a 220/40 at home yet. So on the following Monday, I go to plug in the car at work and the circle of light goes from blue to green to flashing green and then 10 seconds later, solid red. On the mobile charging cable itself, I got two flashing red lights. Without going into all the trouble shooting details that was tried, my car is currently sitting in the Tesla service center waiting for a new charger as this is what they think is the problem. I noted the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 above because that is the only thing that changed during the week I had the car. But I also know I charged the car at work once or twice after the software update before that Monday morning fail. Needless to say I am very bummed as I am without my car and was told the charger is on back order. Has anyone else had a charger fail? Could 4.2 be the problem?