"Production Options Worksheet" visible in photo

"Production Options Worksheet" visible in photo

There's a readable sheet of paper visible in this photo from the gallery published today:

I've cropped it out and played with the contrast/colors a bit:

Near as I can make out, these are all the readable lines...

Production Options Worksheet

SERIES: Model S 2012
REGION: Region North America
DRIVE: Drive Left Hand
INTERIOR: [illegible... any guesses?]
DECOR: Piano Black
PAINT: Green
SPORT: Performance Package NO
BATTER: Battery 85 kWh
TRIM: Trim General Production
ROOF: Roof Body Color GREEN
3RD ROW: Third Row Seat NO
WHEELS: Wheel [illegible] AERO [illegible]
CHARGER: Second Charger NO
TECH: Technology Package YES
ADAPTOR: Adapter [illegible]
CONNECTOR: High Power Connector NO
CARGO: Cargo [illegible] NO
SHELF: Parcel Shelf YES
COVER: Car Cover NO
NAV: Navigation YES
LIGHTING: [illegible] Ext. Lighting YES
SATELLITE: Satellite Radio YES
EXTERIOR: Performance Ext. NO
PWRTRN: Perf Powertrain NO

olanmills | 19 June 2012

Nice work.

What is CARGO? I wonder if it's an optional cargo net, but cargo nets are not currently listed as an option on any web page or document that I have seen. I would really like cargo nets though.

ADAPTOR is another thing I'm curious about, though I'm guessing that it's just what default power adaptor(s) should be included with the car. Eventually, when they start delivering to foreign customers, they'll be including a different adaptor or set of adaptors.

prash.saka | 19 June 2012

@michaelwm, Very nice work.

I think Wheel is Aero 19". I don't know what the Interior is.

BYT | 19 June 2012

But I thought the 19" Aero is discontinued for now?

Teoatawki | 19 June 2012

I think the adapter is 14-50.

lobo426 | 19 June 2012

The hand written print at the top next to TRYOUT NEW is "Sport Motor"

Nick Kordich | 19 June 2012

@BYT - this is not necessarily a new photo. Since the Signatures are not being produced in green, this must be a vehicle intended for the "Get Amped" tour or Tesla showrooms. If it ever was fitted with aero wheels (doubtful), I'm sure they've been replaced. My guess would be it's wearing the base 19" rims now.

As to INTERIOR, my guess is "Premium beige" based on the riser/shape on the first letter of each word, the descender around the middle of the second word (given that a lower-case 'g' hooks left) and the dotted 'i' in (roughly) the second part of the first word and middle part of the second word.

lobo426 | 19 June 2012

@Nick - looks like Mojave as the second word, I'll go with your guess on the first for the interior color.

BYT | 19 June 2012

@Nick Kordich, thanks for clarifying!