Purchasing 21" wheels after...

Purchasing 21" wheels after...

Has anyone ordered the 21" wheels separately (from the Tesla Gear section) and had them put on? When I spoke to the service center they said they'd just put them on for me at no cost, but I just noticed there is a secondary option when purchasing the wheels that says "wheels and tire package installed" for $5200, instead of the $3500 for the wheels.

If anyone did this, was there a cost to have the 21" put on?

rochec | 12 April 2013

Well just found out my plan wasn't as smart as I thought.

I was planning to order the 19" wheels with my order of my Model S and then buy the 21" wheels from the site (thinking they were the same amount, $3500, as if I ordered with the car), so I would have a "free" set of 19" wheels I could use for winter tires. Turns out the $3500 order on the site is for WHEELS only and not tires, so the $5200 option is wheels and tires.

So if anyone was considering this, it isn't as good of a deal as it appears.