Questions about range are always misleading, so WHAT IS THE MINIMAL RANGE

Questions about range are always misleading, so WHAT IS THE MINIMAL RANGE

how far can You go, if You put the pedal to the metall?
So, feel free to post Your minimal range of the S

tes-s | 12 September 2013

Pedal to the metal, all uphill and upwind? Mattresses strapped to the roof, and 7 people in the car?

Schlermie | 12 September 2013

Pedal to the medal, uphill, driving into the wind, on a cold day, fully loaded with passengers & cargo, running heater, heated seats & headlights.

tes-s | 12 September 2013

Seriously, I would be comfortable going just about anywhere that is 80% of rated range, which is about 85% of my usual "experienced" range.

RedShift | 12 September 2013

How about all of the above while towing a RV bus loaded with depleted Uranium?

tes-s | 12 September 2013

@schlermie - good catch! I have little experience is extreme heat or cold. That would adjust my answer a little. 85% of what my "usual" range in similar conditions is the limit I would go comfortably.

Albert B | 12 September 2013

Minimal range burning power as fast as you can? Hard to say. I'd guess 60-80 miles in an 85 though you'd probably hit thermal issues first. It'd be impossible to do that safely on public roads.

Realistically, I don't even THINK about range unless I'm going more than 150 miles or so in a day.

180 miles is pretty comfortable as it leaves plenty of reserve in case anything goes wrong. I can do 180 without any extra effort/planning and have 40-50 miles left easily.

I don't think I'd PLAN anything farther than 220 as that cuts the buffer too close.

DonS | 12 September 2013

Normally interstates going as fast as I can without standing out as being the fastest vehicle on the road, means losing about 20%-25% compared to rated miles. Absolute minimum depends on how steep the mountain is.

David M. | 12 September 2013

Discussions about range are so . . 2012.

Just wondering if I should dine in, or place a to-go order while juicing up at the supercharger - enroute.

Whity Whiteman | 12 September 2013

I just asked, because the german Autobahn maybe brings a different range than the US 55mph-Highways..
usually I drive between 90 and 120 Mph | 12 September 2013

This is not much different than any ICE car - where you rarely get the EPA mileage. It depends on almost too many variables, such as temp, elevation changes, number of fast start and stops, speed, head winds, dirt on car, phase of moon, etc.

So if you ask about a gas car's range, you'll get some something like the EPA mileage times the fuel tank's capacity. You really don't want to run the tank dry, and the same with the MS, you really don't want to run out of juice.

So there is no perfect answer. If I'm driving less than 70% of the indicated range I never give it a thought (i.e. around town). I'm a bit more careful when going on long trips, but not a lot more than when I had a gas car. You need think about what you have and the distant to the next fueling station/Supercharger.

Out4aDuck | 12 September 2013

If it takes 115 horsepower to run at 120 MPH, then you would drain an 85kWh battery in one hour. My answer is 120 miles.

HGP16 | 12 September 2013

@Whity - well, Top Gear abused a Tesla Roadster a couple of years ago and managed to reduce its 211 mile range to 55 miles by driving flat out on a race track -- a 75% reduction. So maybe you should estimate accordingly for your Autobahn trips!

NYC Realtor | 12 September 2013

Depends which model you have since the speed limiter is set differently at 120, 125 and 130 mph.

This graph shows range up to 80 mph.

extrapolate that and get 50-80 miles at pedal to the metal.

mrrjm | 12 September 2013

I think somewhere in the forums here is was said 177 miles. This I'm sure assumes sane driving. On the track I imagine <100.

mrrjm | 12 September 2013

I was thinking about this...So one can drive an MS (super car) like a mad man for 80-100 miles for about $8...I'm all in. You?

Thomas N. | 12 September 2013

It's 180 miles of real mileage. Using 260 miles of rated range that's about 70% of your rated range.

This includes some hills (up and down), fast speeds, hot weather, AC blasting, and traffic.

I know this because I asked about a 178 mile trip I have coming up and from all of the replies and using EVTripPlanner with a worst-case scenario it ended up being around 180 miles.

romainiacWV | 12 September 2013

For me. The "no sweat zone" is 200 mi or less. This is presuming you drive like you want to get there alive.

hfcolvin | 12 September 2013

I'm curious to hear reports of the Model S on the Autobahn. What I've read about folks driving theirs hard on the track is that speed will get limited due to heat build up in the battery. Maybe after driving flat out for 15-20 minutes, speed may get limited to 80-100 mph. Just a guess.

nickjhowe | 12 September 2013

This is my extrapolated range curve - so 125mph with no headwind on a flat road will get you 60-80 miles.

If @Out4aDuck is right and it takes 115hp to drive at 120mph, then that is roughly 85 kW. So we are talking maybe 90 kW, or 1.06C to drive at 125 mph. It is possible that would put too much of a thermal load on the batteries, and the power would become restricted.

sunrunner | 12 September 2013

A friend of mine test drove a p85+ at Menlo park and drove really hard . got a projected range of 40 miles

KevinE | 12 September 2013

@ Whity Whiteman: I must say that your reference to the US speed limit of 55 mph and that you drive typically 90 - 120 mph on the Autobahn reminded me of how it was circa 1985. Back then, there was much less traffic in Germany, and you could drive all day legally at that speed (and I did). I burned a tank of gas every 2 hours. My recent Autobahn driving experience has been accelerating and decelerating between 75 and 120 mph frequently due to traffic and 120 kph speed limit zones. I would expect your range to be much worse than holding a constant 120 mph rate.

ausdma | 12 September 2013

This is a good question. I have been lurking this forum and am working toward an order. This is my first post.

I regularly drive on TX highways from Austin to Houston/Dallas/Ft Worth. The longest trip is to Dallas to a destination just over 200 miles.

My questions is: with an S85 can I make these trips without stopping assuming I have a place to charge when I get there? My driving habits are not extreme, but if the speed limit is 75, which there is a fair amount of, I will be driving 80. Average speed without stopping is likely in the 70-75 range.

Thomas N. | 12 September 2013

Use this site:

Plug in the two addresses and select Model S85. Click on update and you'll see the total watts required.

ausdma | 12 September 2013

@Thomas N

Cool, thanks.

So I plugged in my two addresses and upped the ante to an avg speed of 72 mpg and the result is I need 77 KWH. Feels like that is cutting it close and that I would need to stop in Waco and get some really unhealthy food at the bakery where they just put in the SC.

James- | 12 September 2013

I charge to 90%, drive mainly on the highways in northern California (around San Jose) and seems to be achieving around 92% of the rated range.

So today as an example:
- I started the day with 233 miles.
- Drove 157 miles.
- Have a remaining rated range of 57 miles.

dtesla | 13 September 2013

I was part of a 40+ MS and 2 Roadster Tesla trip to Richmond International Raceway (NASCAR 3/4 mile short track). My consumption averaged slightly more then 1 KWh/mile.

Jolinar | 13 September 2013

absolute minimum is 0 miles, b/c you can just stop, open windows and run all heaters all day, but not move.

jat | 13 September 2013

If you really mean keeping it floored, you will be driving constantly at 125 (or higher in P85s) and not get very far.

As a more realistic case, of driving really hard, I got 51 laps at the track on a full charge (leaving just enough to make it to a friend's house with an HPWC to make it home), so about 102 miles. My top speed was 108, and average speed over 65 pretty much constantly accelerating or decelerating, though the last few laps of each 25min session had power limited due to drivetrain temperature.

DonS | 13 September 2013

If the goal is to figure out how far you can get on the autobahn, steady 95mph would get you just about 50% of the rated range. At a steady 120mph, wind will take your range to about 20% of rated. Note that any headwind makes it even worse.

chrisdl | 13 September 2013

310 kW max to the motor
let's say 50 kW to the peripherals (lights, heating, etc.)

360 kW max usage from a 85 kWh battery means:
85 / 360 = 0.236111 hours = 14 minutes 10 seconds

Since you need to do pedal to the metal, you'll drive about 130 mph.
Let's ignore the minute it takes to get there.

If that's the case, you can drive 130 mph for 14 minutes.
That gives you:

130 * 0.236111 = 30 miles

There you go: 30 mile minimum range. Satisfied? :-)

David70 | 13 September 2013

Your curve shows km, not miles.

PaceyWhitter | 13 September 2013

Minimum range: 0 miles. Sit the car in your garage with the A/C, radio and all other things going and the battery would run out eventually.

Brian H | 14 September 2013

Even faster to 0, shift to N and floor it.

dtesla | 14 September 2013

But when you get to 130 MPH the car will limit the power to the motor. So you may burn 310 KW for a short period. But then your power consumption will drop off to limit the speed. I guess you could keep the consumption rate up by accelerating to 130 MPH then brake hard to 0 (minimizing regen) then accelerate to 130 MPH then brake hard to 0 again. Repeat until battery is drained.

ye | 15 September 2013

I don't see how flooring it in neutral would use any energy at all.