Reading the VIN

Reading the VIN

So I've got my VIN and my Model S is waiting for me to pick up.

I saw at some point on here someone define the VINs. I tried to volkerize it but had no luck.

Anybody know how to read the VIN to confirm like Performance, Battery size etc?


nickjhowe | 22 February 2013
james | 22 February 2013

Thanks heaps!!!!

bsimoes | 22 February 2013

Very timely post! I, too, would like to know this! I was promised by my latest DS that my car would not be entering production until at least March. On a whim, I called anyway. Turns out that the car is built and being shipped to Boston. There has been no contact by this particular DS except when I called to see if I could be switched back to my original one who was so proactive and helpful. Like so many others, I am not pleased with "the personal delivery experience" so far.

I do want to make sure that the VIN matches what I ordered. There have been some disasterous tales on this forum. Being I live so far from any service, it's not like I can just drop it by if there are issues.

As an up-side, I just called my insurance that I have a VIN. She told me that my insurance would only be

bsimoes | 22 February 2013

Somehow the last part got cut off. The difference in insurance from my 2011 Prius to the 2013 Tesla will be less than eight dollars every six months. I was pleasantly shocked. I just checked out the VIN and everything there is accurate. Holy moly, this is really gonna happen! After so many years, it doesn't even feel real.

nickjhowe | 22 February 2013

@bsimoes - welcome to the ranks of the excited!

Brian H | 23 February 2013

So what's your pick up date? (Geez, that sounds risqué!)

bsimoes | 23 February 2013

Funny! I don't know the delivery date; I have yet to be contacted by my DS. If I hadn't have called, I wouldn't have even known that the car was built and ready. They, I assume, are honoring my request to hold off as long as possible--I still have gotten nowhere with the install on the outdoor plug (I started that process before Christmas), say nothing of the power company stringing new lines to the house. I did, however, just realize that there is a 110 plug in the barn that I think will reach and I could attach to through a window. This will be less than ideal, but if they need to deliver it, it is comforting to think that there is some way to get electricity to the car. I hadn't previously considered this as I NEVER park there. The barn has a beautiful slate roof, and when snow lets go, it sounds and looks like an avalanche! With a glass makes me shudder!