Rear mounted iPads

Rear mounted iPads

Has anyone found a clean and effective way to mount iPads for rear passengers? The third party set-ups I've seen all require a moveable front headrest. Thank you for any and all insight

olanmills | 21 February 2013

Can't they just hold them like normal human beings?

kilimats | 21 February 2013

google it, they sell plenty of toys to do that ;)

cbentinck | 21 February 2013

@olanmills- not helpful and no 'they' cannot hold it or do I want to hold it. Perhaps you can find somewhere else to waste your time.

cbentinck | 21 February 2013

@killmats- I haven't been able to find any but would appreciate your or anyone else who has success with this search

JohnQ | 23 February 2013

One option is Seasucker. They make vacuum cup solutions that include iPad mounts. Don't know how smooth a surface they require or if that would work on the back of the Tesla front seats.

RAM makes a number of mounts as well but usually requires a bracket type of solution.

Finally, you can use a strap around the headrest that would go through slots on the back of an iPad case. Just like third party LCD screens for DVD players in cars. Not sure how that would work with the shape of the headrest, though.

EssDub | 5 April 2014

Been a while since this thread has been thrown around. Anyone have an elegant solution for kids in the back seat they can share?

Will_A | 5 April 2014

Don't have my MS yet (target 4/24) but told my wife to start thinking about making this.

Also checkout the latest version of MagBak. Very minimalist design but I'm not sure if you can securely mount the MagStick to the seat. This will not work for me as I only intend to mount the original iPad (and I don't have the iPad Air or iPad mini).

BG121 | 5 April 2014

You can try one of these on the arm rest facing rearwards or mounted elsewhere:

mgboyes | 6 April 2014

I'm waiting for a delivery date on my P85 and will want to sort out a rear entertainment system soon after the car arrives. Something based around Apple/Android tablets seems quite tempting, however you have to think carefully about the strength of the mounts when sticking things to the inside of vehicles. Fridges and walls rarely accelerate 0-60 in 4.2s or get hit by cars.

Those magback fittings look really elegant, but if you're stationary and someone crashes into you from behind your magnetic mounted iPad may well detach itself from the seat back and hit your child right in the face.