Rear Trunk and rear seats accessibility and configuration

Rear Trunk and rear seats accessibility and configuration


As all of you I'm anxiously waiting to configure my MX (reservation number 3276)... the wait is excruciating.

In the meantime, has anyone seen, or does anyone know about the accessibility of the rear trunk? In particular, I would like to know if my Leonberger dog can comfortably enter (height of the trunk entrance), ride (flat floor, absence of heat from the electronics or rear motor), etc.

Another option might be to remove one of the seats in the 3rd row to make space for my best friend, or build a compartment with a flat floor for him to ride on. Does anyone know if the 3rd row of seats is in one piece, if they can be folded down in half or 2/3 1/3?

Please Tesla, it's really time now for us to go ahead and configure our MX's... The wait is made even more difficult as we do not have committed timing information. MX Design studio was supposed to open in July? 2015? Days are flying past and no much is happening to our eyes.


Red Sage ca us | 24 July 2015

DISCLAIMER: We don't know. We are just people on the internet. We do not have access to Tesla Motors internal workings. But we can make educated guesses based upon logic and the small amount of information available to us.

Please take another look at the Model X Reveal video. I believe one of the slides during that presentation shows the intent to have a flat floor upon folding all rear seats. And if you look closely (just as Franz Von Holzhausen finishes unloading bags), the Model X prototype does have a seam in the rear seats for split, folding seatbacks. Since Elon Musk has stated the Model X is being designed with women in mind, a low liftover should allow for ease of rear access by those who stand under 5'-6" in height... While also allowing another way for dogs to get inside.

holidayday | 28 July 2015

Or get one of those steps that can fold out of the trunk and give the puppy a little boost?

eric.zucker | 28 July 2015

little puppy and I say thanks!

Lucythesplainer | 29 July 2015

Oh my! Is that a pony keg on your little puppy's collar? What a big sweetie! | 29 July 2015

@eric: your dog is too big. However, the X will have a tow hitch and may be powerful enough to pull it. :-))
Especially, if you order the performance model and drive on snowy roads.

eric.zucker | 29 July 2015

Actually my dog is my backup plan to pull the MX if I run out of juice :-))) he's got permanent 4 paw drive, and claws !

This said he's perfectly happy in the back of my Audi Q7, provided I don't use all seven seats. Six seat configuration is ideal as he's got company back there. No space for any luggage though.

At least in the MX I might be able to put some luggage in the frunk. The q7's frunk is full of obsolete and noisy stuff, how unthoughtful from a decent car manufacturer.

bjsteller | 3 August 2015

Q7 as well for a 165# English Mastiff, but she uses the entire space, no room for 3rd row seats next to her. I am very curious about load height of rear loading as well, using a twist step with the Q7.

Roamer@AZ USA | 3 August 2015

My dog fits just fine. Curbside delivery day May 2013. The car was so new the auto hauler driver is in the background.

She doesn't need a ramp she needs a ladder.... | 4 August 2015

@Roamer: Some things don't add up. You live in Arizona. The photo was taken in May. You are standing on driveway pavers in your bare feet. You should be calling 911. I tried to cross an asphalt street in Phoenix once in May. It was 106. I got stuck in the melting road surface. And why is that guy jogging by in the street wearing gloves?