Rear Window Wiper

Rear Window Wiper

I realize that a rear window wiper would sully the clean lines of the S but having owned a Saab with a similar sloping rear window I can tell you that it is sometimes desirable to see out the back window in a rain storm. Granted there is the back-up camera but I assume that will only be operational when you are actually in reverse.

Clean lines or visibility out the back window, which would you choose?

Sudre_ | 25 March 2012

I don't want a little waggley tail on my S. It's not a happy puppy :-)

WolfenHawke | 25 March 2012

Drive faster and the rain won't stick. I don't want a rear wipe on my sedan.

DeDe | 25 March 2012

I was told that the back-up camera can be used when the car is in drive. This issue came up when I was talking with them about the lack of blind spot monitoring, suggesting instead that we could utilize the back-up camera as another way to check traffic to the side...though I'm not sure about how much side visibility the camera can capture.

BYT | 25 March 2012

That is cool if the backup camera can be activated while driving "forward" and not just in reverse. I was a little concerned by the lack of rear visibility and if I have my twins in the back two jump seats and the rear headrests, even less so visibility wise. For the blind spot we have the indicators, but I like to see what's behind me for those sudden lane changes when I'm smoking trough traffic.

EdG | 25 March 2012

If it becomes a problem, regular use of Rain-X may be desirable.

Volker.Berlin | 26 March 2012

kevjo, funny, when I read the head line I had to think of the Saab 900 I had 12 years ago before I even read your posting. My experience was different than yours: When I had that Saab, I have never missed a rear window wiper and was actually wondering why all the other cars had one. If Tesla gets the aerodynamics right (which they have to, for completely unrelated reasons) then I don't see how I would miss a rear window wiper. But of course I may be in a different climate (Europe) than you are.

dborn | 26 March 2012

I use the rear wiper on my B class Merc, and that glass is near vertical. Heavy rain, and dirt thrown up by ?airflow are the two main culprits causing the need. Funny, but most cars with standard rear windows and trunks do not have wipers and don't need them. I wonder if it is the hatch back design that affects the aerodynamics such that dirt seems to preferentially sit on the glass. If that is so, as seems likely, perhaps this has already been tested in a wind tunnel by Tesla, and found not to be the case eliminating the need for a wiper. The Cd of the car is after all, very different than that for virtually every other sedan on the road.

Robert.Boston | 26 March 2012

My understanding is that hatchbacks/station-wagons typically have wipers because of dirt being kicked up by the rear tires. In sedans, the rear hood puts the rear window farther forward and relatively less prone to collect dirt.

A rear wiper would also create drag. Distance or wipers? No contest for me.

discoducky | 26 March 2012

@EdG, Yep, RainX is the way to go. Once you start using it there's no turning back. At night you can't even tell it's raining!

Brian H | 27 March 2012

I suspect it's the slope of the window; the more slope, the more "laminar" the flow over the surface, keeping anything much from actually reaching the glass.