Red P85 with tan leather?

Red P85 with tan leather?

I'm pondering this combination. I know someone out there has it, or has seen it. Can you provide pics/thoughts/opinions.

Just looking at the picture example on the site I think this might be pretty amazing looking in person.

alcuinjm | 31 July 2013

I could imagine the (already sold out) signature red, which is alot nicer than the regular red color, in combination with tan leather. | 31 July 2013

I have an S85 with MC Red and Tan. I can post a couple of pics if you want - anything in particular?


yodasminion | 1 August 2013

Any would be great, plus your thoughts. It looks like a wonderfully luxurious color:-)

ian | 1 August 2013

@yodasminion - I noticed you posted in the Washington forums. If you're in the Seattle area this combo is in the Bellevue Square store. Or at least it was the last time I was in there.

Oh yeah, it looks absolutely fabulous! ;-)


dsecrist | 1 August 2013

I have that combo and love it! I prefer the MC red over the Sig Red. That isn't taking anything away from the Sig red though since I think it is gorgeous as well. Go see the car at Bellevue Square. I think your decision will be simplified if you do.

lolachampcar | 1 August 2013

Sorry for being a contrarian here but I specifically went down to look at Red/Tan before ordering my (second) MS. The car I looked at was parked next to a red Roadster. First, I preferred the red on the Roadster as it was a brighter, more vibrant sportscar type red. WRT the tan, I found it was too light and fought with the darker stop sign multi coat red. I ended up ordering Red/Black and have been very happy with the results.

Mathew98 | 1 August 2013

I have the MC red/black combo. Add tinted windows and you can drive it in any weather in stealth mode...

Dwdnjck@ca | 1 August 2013

Have it. Love it. | 1 August 2013

Here are a couple of quick pics I grabbed this morning. The one thing I will say is that the red certainly looks different depending on the light. I'll try a post a few more in mid day sun.

This is my first car that was not black or white, but I am very pleased with the combo.


yodasminion | 1 August 2013

Thanks omarsultan!

I was just looking at the red/black, and with the red piping it looks quite sharp, maybe like it would be Darth Vader's Tesla. Does anyone have a red/black P85 they'd be willing to share pictures of?

Colasec | 1 August 2013

@omarsultan - love the overhead shot. I'll need to take something like that after I wash the car (for the first time) this weekend. | 1 August 2013

Thx :)

Anonymous | 1 August 2013

@omarsultan - I agree, nice overhead shot!

VineetBeniwal | 1 August 2013

man red and tan is an awesome combo. For me it's the best combination out of all. I am thinking of same too. I probably will confirm my order early next year though...