Regen low, how much range loss?

Regen low, how much range loss?

If you have the regen set to low, any guesstimates in how much lower your range might be (thank if you'd set it to high)?

I know it varies by highway to city driving. But just looking for some rough parameters. Thanks.

nickjhowe | 7 April 2013

Switched to low regen yesterday: was planning to do a long term test but after a few minutes in traffic I switched back to normal. One foot driving is so much easier than using the brake.

wraithnot | 7 April 2013

There is a thread about this on the TeslaMotorsClub site:

Some people have actually reported better range (less Wh/mile) using low regen than they do with high regen. High regen should be more efficient if you would have otherwise used the brakes. But if use regen when you were just trying to coast then it actually hurts your range because regen isn't 100% efficient. Anyway, the consensus answer is that the effect of switching regen from high to low totally depends on how you drive.

tranhv68 | 7 April 2013

With low regen, I noticed more brake wear which showed up as more brake dust on the wheels. With high regen, the brake dust is much less. Also, I agree that driving with high regen and accelerating and taking your foot off the gas completely often will reduce range because regen is not 100% efficient. Modulating the accelerator to keep the needle between the orange and green will allow for coasting even in standard (high) regen.