Rendering of what the production model x will look like!

Rendering of what the production model x will look like!

grant10k | 7 August 2015

You uh...linked to you own email attachment. No one else can see it.

Ankit Mishra | 7 August 2015

Wow. This might be 1st leak of the front of Model X. I must say it's looking sharp and cool. Panorama front is also looking cool. This car is going to rock!

aljjr2 | 7 August 2015

isn't that the Test Mule spotted at the SC some months ago?

timf2001 | 7 August 2015

The "Production" model is just a Photoshop of the test mule, not an actual photograph.

ian | 7 August 2015

Nice try curtj4.

Don't be fooled. Nothing to see here that hasn't already been seen.

rossRallen | 7 August 2015

No disrespect intended to anyone, but just how pathetic is it that this is the only thing we've seen of a car we've paid $1000's to reserve for years? Come on, Tesla, throw us a bone here.

maxell200 | 8 August 2015

Additionally, i think tesla should have given some kinda ballpark range in price for the X. All these people putting down money, and they can only guess how much the eventual price would be.

Interesting business strategy

Red Sage ca us | 8 August 2015

The ballpark remains, "Within 10% of the cost of a similarly equipped Model S."

Sorted. | 8 August 2015

At this late date the whole secrecy thing is kind of silly.
But it's fun as well.

Time for the X to come out from behind the curtain, work of art seats and falcon wings included.

ian | 8 August 2015

Exactly Red. Some people either haven't been paying attention or don't like doing math.

ken | 8 August 2015

What was very disappointing to me was the lack of good intelligent questions on the Q2 earnings call by the analyst. They could have easily pushed for answers on the expected base cost of the MX as well as things like "have you gone through any NHSA safety testing and what were the results"? Will general delivery be in September or only Founders/Signature reservation holders? Questions along these lines should have been asked and would tell all of us a lot about delivery. I sometimes think that the questions that are asked on the quarterly earnings calls are spur of the moment questions by the analyst and not well thought out.

carlk | 8 August 2015

Don't buy the car if you can't do the math!

vandacca | 8 August 2015

Those investors sure give Elon a lot of slack. It almost feels like they are members of the Musk-eteers and know better than to ask hard questions.

mclary | 8 August 2015

Speculation Idiots at work again?


ian | 9 August 2015

And there he is!

Well done mclary!

curtj4 | 10 August 2015

This is just a rendering based on the final test cars