Re-Thinking the Service Plan

Re-Thinking the Service Plan

In light of today's announcement, I'm rethinking the service plan. I just bought the 4+4 plan, but the announcement strongly implies that there really won't be much need for service for at least the first couple of years, and now that a full menu of annual service isn't required to maintain warranty protection, the economics seem to favor wait and see (at least for those that don't put on obscene mileage). What do my far more brilliant fellow owners think?

bshortell | 1 May 2013

Oh, buy the way, I paid for 100,00 miles.

bondoc1 | 1 May 2013

I bought 4+4 service plan, but investigated its usefulness for me. I have long commute and projected to drive 25,000 miles/ year. According to the agreement I got, I have to take MS for service at 12500 miles or 1 year whichever comes first. Hence, I will use up my service plan in 4 years! For me, paying $600 every year would be a better way, albeit my MS will be serviced at every 25,000 miles. Considering that now Tesla warranty is deinked from service plan, I am not worried as I don't expect any major service issues for MS. I am definitely planning to get extended warranty in the end of 4th year and that should suffice to carry me to 8 years, the time when battery warrantee expires for every MS! then, we all will be lining up to get new batteries, hopefully better and cheaper?

eAdopter | 1 May 2013

I listened to the investor conference call with Elon. However, I don't recall with certainty what he said about de-linking service from warranty. The car and battery warranties are separate and clearly written as such.

Did Elon:

De-link service from the battery warranty
De-link service from the car warranty.

As I recall, his comments specifically referred to the battery warranty. I could be wrong. Does anyone remember, or have a link to the verbatim text?

Brian H | 1 May 2013

Correct. Don't know where and what I misread.

- INCLUDED: If your service is estimated to take over four hours, and is being done at one of our Tesla Service Centers, we provide a Loaner Car at no additional charge. A Loaner Car is not provided for Tesla Ranger Service."

eAdopter | 1 May 2013

One more thought. I don't think Elon meant people can drive their cars into the ground and expect the warranty to cover it. He's not an idiot.

jamestily | 2 May 2013

I have had already bought 4+4 service plan prior to announcement about warranty. I drive 30,000 miles per year. So for me 2.5 will be used per year. I wonder if I cancel and pay per inspection at rate of 1 per year (every 30,000 miles) will the wear and tear parts still be replaced for free (like brake pads, wiper blades, etc. If so then that seems a better alternative for me. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

eAdopter | 2 May 2013

We don't have a list of service items/tasks so it's difficult to know.

I think expecting that level of flexibility is wishful thinking. TM may cover wear and tear items for such long mileage intervals, but what if they don't and one of the items is very expensive? I bet the list of inexpensive parts is short.

As I said earlier, I doubt TM will be so generous when someone does what you're suggesting. Let us know how it works for you when you reach 30k miles.

GeekEV | 2 May 2013

@jamestily - That's kind-of my thinking too. Or every year-and-a-half, etc., if you drive less.

rodf | 4 May 2013

To clarify - if I get the unlimited ranger service I assume it means ranger service for all the little fixes under warranty during the year that are discussed in this forum and not just the annual maintenance?

DouglasR | 4 May 2013

@rodf - Yes, Rangers "can perform most maintenance and warranty repairs."

rodf | 4 May 2013

Thanks DouglasR. Just wanted to make sure that it was covered under the service plan at no additional cost if I bought the anywhere plan.

bjorn.christophersen | 7 May 2013

Hello there!
The price for a service in Norway is approx. 1000$ pr service. This is a ripp off as I see it. A yearly or 40000 km service (duble driver range) for a vw in Sweden where I service my car is approx. 600 $ including oil/pollen filteret etc. I can't see how Tesla can take this price for a simple service? They are the first to tell us that an electric car is much cheaper to maintain than an ordenary car. This is really a turnoff because it can seem that when you first is a costumer they will try to rip you off when they are exclusive or alone on offering things. Maby they think that buying an expensive car give them the oppertunity to take whatever price they want..
Do anyone know if there will be possible to order service and maintenance thought other generic car garages so Tesla get competition on their own services? This can possible in time get the prices down I hope...What about spare parts.. Will they also be twice the price of ordinary spare parts?
Since the warranty is valid anyway I really don't understand the benefit of the service plan?? All sw upgrades is included also??? Anyone understand this?
I'm now beginning to get cold feet on finalising my reservation and that the save pr year isn't what they say it is.. What els isn't... Ex: I hade a talk to Tesla about winter tyres and the price they hinted was very high. Then I asked for all tyres and wheels specifications and they didn't want to tell.?!Then I heared that Tesla needs to change the tyres to get the computer any setup right to.. Incredible.. In my car I can reset this on a button myself..So Tesla needs to change my tyres to...or do I need to go there to get it set...? it's getting more and more expencive. Is there a pattern here or not...hope someone can calm me down... Bjørn

wolviesgal | 15 May 2013

For what it's worth: I bought the 4 year plan with 3 days to spare today. I don't want to LIFT this car ANYWHERE but at a Tesla Service Center. So brake inspections, rotations, and alignment would be out of the question for me without going to Tesla. Wanted to get the 8 year plan but hubby advised to wait on that, better things may be in store once the 4 year term expires.