Roadside Assistance Model S

Roadside Assistance Model S

Will Tesla provide Roadside Assistance with Model S? In order for your average tow company to toe an EV, they must be certified.


Cirion | 3 August 2012

Wonder what happens if you tow it and use the regen...

brianman | 3 August 2012

1. Check with AAA for your state. They're doing some interesting EV stuff in at least a few states.
2. AFAIK, there's no evidence of tow hooks on Model S yet.

Theresa | 3 August 2012

Does certified mean they are surgeons? Since they would be "toeing" the car? :-O

brianman | 3 August 2012

I think BrianH found a girlfriend. ;)

Brian H | 3 August 2012

Towing with regen --- the truck driver wouldn't much appreciate that! It would be stealing energy and pumping it into the Tesla. And would be like pulling a car with the brakes 2/3 on.

MandL | 3 August 2012

Just tell the tow truck driver it's a 7500# car.

Beaker | 3 August 2012

Brian H, what a great idea, tow me around the block a few times to charge up my battery and then I'll be on my way :)

Brian H | 3 August 2012

Since you only get maybe 60% of the towing energy back, you'd only be a couple of blocks on your way before you went flat again. Maybe further if you stay at about 20 mph.

Sudre_ | 3 August 2012

Great question. . . . Better answers :-)

Sudre_ | 6 August 2012

I was bored on the plain ride from Portland over the weekend and read the Tesla Warranty that R&B had posted in another thread it does mention roadside assistance.

"Roadside assistance (North America)
Tesla provides complimentary roadside assistance emergency services, including towing services to the nearest Tesla Service Center or your home provided they are within 50 miles (80 km) of your vehicle, for 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 km), whichever comes first, for vehicles covered by this New Vehicle Limited Warranty at the time of the occurrence....."

Brian H | 6 August 2012

That'll learn ya. Next time, take the fancy ride!

SMOP | 6 August 2012

I heard a rumor that Tesla was going to use diminished capacity batteries for their roadside assistance. They will be able to supercharge some vehicles from these spent batteries...

Sudre_ | 7 August 2012

I was hoping you'd catch a little of that humor Brian. :-0

Brian H | 7 August 2012

Yep. But I'm now trying to decide what would make a ride fancy instead of plain. Maybe business class with all the fixin's?

Sudre_ | 7 August 2012

If we call Luxury first class although I think some here would not because it's missing heated mirrors and 16 cup holders but I digress.

Fancy would have to be business class with wifi connection and a power port to stay charged... and maybe one of those little bottles of alcohol.

My wife and I almost bought a bottle of wine before getting on the plane (screw top). That might have made the plain class a little fancy. They were selling it right after the security check point.

Stewardess, "Hi sir. Would you like to buy our bottle of alcohol?"
Me, "No thanks... I have THIS!"
Alas we did not make the upgrade.

honigsasha | 4 February 2014

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