Rusty Bolt/Nut On the Panoramic Roof?

Rusty Bolt/Nut On the Panoramic Roof?

There's a black P85 at the Menlo Park location that seems to have a rusty bolt/nut on the panoramic roof when the roof is fully open.

Can people who have ordered the pano roof help to verify if that's just an edge case for that car? It would be a dealbreaker for me if that's actually a general case. Many thanks :)

ginsbergr | 7 May 2013

All is great with the Pano roof with NO worry about any bolt showing on the outer side within the sunroof. Have you ever noticed that brakes get a rust color on them if you do not drive is superficial.

I would worry more about your Benz, Audi, Jag or BMW with the blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe when you accelerate...that is a major valve job you will need.

The car is awesome! If you are worried about this irrelevant item, then the Model S is not for you. Deal breaker... please!

mkidding | 7 May 2013

@ginsbergr so you are saying that it's okay to have a $70-100k car that has parts that show rusts within a short amount of time and that's not a problem? I'm not sure if that's how I would see this.

I hope this is just an edge case for that display one. I'll try to get a photo of that next time I visit.

danielccc | 7 May 2013

"parts", as in plural, yes, I agree would be a problem.

But you are talking about one part on one display unit. Who knows how it got there. Perhaps incorrect batch of bolts affecting a few units.

I am sure Tesla would replace any such bolt with a stainless steel one. Though I´ll admit that leaving that bolt there looks like an oversight by Menlo Park staff. What you wrote here, perhaps 10 people thought and said nothing about.