Sales Tax?

Sales Tax?

Does anyone know what the sales tax would be on the Model S? (%) I think technically we are purchasing the car directly from the factory in CA. I'm in IL - not sure how the sales tax is handled since the car won't be purchased in IL.

wholland | 16 July 2012

Electricblue, I believe the sales tax of your local area where your Model S will reside is calculated. You are not responsible for CA sales tax if you don't live in CA. Check with your closes TM store to confirm.

dychen | 16 July 2012

Correct, you would not pay sales tax in CA. You will pay sales tax when you register the car in your state of residence.

deaton52 | 16 July 2012

In the state of Washington, EVs are exempt from sales tax, by legislation.

Brian H | 17 July 2012

If you pick up at the factory, I think you get to pay both CA and home state sales tax. A double contribution to the General Welfare! You should feel privileged.

(CA doesn't exempt out-of-state buyers. If you're accessible, you're taxable!)

EdG | 17 July 2012

If I register a car out of New York State, pay those taxes, then bring the car back to New York, I get a credit on the sales tax I paid to the other state, and pay the difference to New York. (I've never had to worry that the other state's tax was higher.)

Teoatawki | 17 July 2012

Also in Washington state:

The state sales and use taxes do not apply to EV batteries; labor and services for installing, repairing, altering, or improving EV batteries and EV infrastructure; and the sale of property used for EV infrastructure.

EV infrastructure means all your labor and materials for your charging setup is tax exempt, too. There's a simple formyou need to fill out and sign and give to your electrician.