San Juan Capistrano Supercharger

San Juan Capistrano Supercharger

Apparently there is a permit to install a supercharger station at the Union Bank Plaza. I was just there and no construction is underway. Furthermore, this parking lot is way too small and congested to accommodate superchargers. So I proceeded to peruse all of the neighboring shopping plaza's and I couldn't find any Tesla work under way. So what's up with this permit? Does anyone have any new info on a Supercharger in this area?

shop | 3 October 2013

There is an approved PROJECT for the Union Bank parking lot, but not yet a PERMIT.

Type in Tesla into the search string to search a Project Name.

I don't know what the hold up is - I would guess something to do with the power company, but that's just a guess.

Also, the recent California supercharger map that has been hung on the wall of the Hawthorne design center shows a SC in San Juan Capistrano, so one is very likely going there.

ppape | 4 October 2013

I looked up the San Juan Capistrano Tesla Super Charging station through the San Juan Capistrano Development Services web page. The permit (Project #AC13-027) was submitted 8/2/13 and approved 8/8/13. Its location is just off Interstate 5 at the Ortega Highway exit.

31971 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(at the Union Bank)

lsborn | 4 October 2013

The slot of parking stalls for the supercharger is part of the Union Bank parking lot that has the entrance near the railroad tracks. It's the entrance just before the railroad tracks that are parallel to the entrance on Del Obispo. I have spoken to the city, the manager at Union Bank (I know him); it's confirmed. There was construction by SDGE just past the railroad tracks on Del Obispo which may have been getting the grid ready for the supercharger. I am also eagerly waiting the SJC supercharger, but for some reason it is delayed. Don't worry about it, it has been confirmed from many sources and I'm sure Tesla knows what they are doing. They haven't screwed up yet, so I am certain that they have negotiated the stalls with Union Bank.

shop | 4 October 2013

Yeah, I can count about 35 parking spots there from the google map Image. More than enough for a bank to share with superchargers.

WSE51 | 4 October 2013

I spoke with one of the national agents on the Tesla 800 number this afternoon to ask if they have any update. He confirmed it was at Union Bank and said it is scheduled for completion by end of this month. It told him that others on the forum have reported there is no visible progress, and he said the schedule he was looking at was relatively current and he had no additional info.

Benz | 5 October 2013

It was one of grey dots on the summer Supercharger map. Would be nice to have it completed during the fall.

Benz | 7 October 2013

It will not take much longer, as soon as they start construction there.

gregsbeach | 7 October 2013

The speed of the supercharger rollout has been the only disappointing thing in my ownership experience. I have no charging outlet at my condo in San Diego, and relied (I know) upon the website showing this being completed in summer.So it has been a nervous few months with extension cord anxiety.

When I spoke to them on the phone line a week ago they had no update.

djm12 | 16 October 2013

It's been a week. Anyone drive by there recently?

shop | 18 October 2013

Latest info from another thread somewhere said Tesla didn't expect this SC to open until early 2014 at the earliest. Presumably utility/permit/site owner, take your pick, delay.

SamO | 18 October 2013


I stop by SJC once a week to check on the status but so far nothing. No permits posted, no ground broken and definitely no Supercharger. yet.

Benz | 2 November 2013

No construction in October 2013, maybe in November 2013?

TrojanTesla | 2 November 2013

The official permit (B13-1085) was applied for on 10/23/2013. It was approved by the planning commission on 10/28/2013. However, the permit has not officially been issued yet. There must be some more steps in the process. This is all according to the SJC website.

Benz | 2 November 2013


Thanks for the info.

kw1 | 2 November 2013

7 charging stations according to permit B13-1085. Yeah! This will be one of my favorite stops on my SAN-LAX-SAN trips. Coffee houses and restaurants nearby :) And I will feel better wandering over to them after dark than I do at Hawthorne.

Benz | 3 November 2013


Good for you.

Rheumboy | 3 November 2013

I think there's a brothel near by too. I'll only need 5 minutes charging time. :-)

Brian H | 3 November 2013

Don't you mean discharging time?

D and K | 4 November 2013

Had to drive San Diego to Huntington Beach this weekend in my MS 60. Range charged in the morning before I left w/ 200 miles of rated range. Drove about 70mph up and back on cruise control and came up about 10 miles short. Had to stop in Encinitas on the way home to charge. Public charger only gave me 18mph charging. So painful to sit there for almost an hour just to get home. SJC Supercharger would have saved me big time, literally!

shop | 4 November 2013

Yes, it is also needed when doing San Diego to/from northern Los Angeles in one day in an 85. Good to hear you were smart and had a backup plan. Incidentally, my horse barn in Encinitas has a public 15kW charger for anyone to use. It would have shaved some time off your recharging and it's a nice place to hang to (free wifi, etc)

Brian H | 5 November 2013

D and K;
If you'd driven home at 60 mph instead of 70, it would have cost about ¼ hr of driving and extended your range by much more than 10 miles, probably. About 1% range reduction per MPH over 60. Near the limits, slower is faster.

Benz | 7 November 2013

@D and K

Consume less energy when you start a long drive, so that you have higher chances to arrive at your destination. When you are sure that you are going to make it, then you can start to consume more energy and drive faster.

crmohler | 7 November 2013

@shop, is your charger listed on Recargo? I'm planning a few SD to LA trips in a 60 and that would be a great back up plan until SJC is open. Thanks.
@D and K, how many actual miles did you drive? Trying to plan ahead too. Thanks

D and K | 8 November 2013

I figured I would have needed a charge anyways. Drive was 98 miles each way, 196 miles round trip. My S60, even on range charge only gets about 202 miles at rated range.

SamO | 9 November 2013

Just checked. No progress. Yet.

Benz | 9 November 2013

They really should start construction during November 2013, otherwise something weird is going on.

SamO | 9 November 2013

The us bank lot is weirdly inappropriate due to its tiny size and apparent lack of space for the equipment.

Benz | 9 November 2013

Should they choose another location then (nearby)?

SCCRENDO | 9 November 2013

Went to the area on a Sunday. Had breakfast across the road. Looks like a pretty good site. Just off the 5. Seemed to be about 20 spots outside the Union Bank all empty. I foresee that after banking hours absolutely no problem. Issue could occur during banking hours when there is a possibility of being ICEd

shop | 9 November 2013

I believe there are about 29 parking spots there. More than enough for both bank customers and supercharging spots.

shop | 9 November 2013

@crmohler. Yes it is listed in recargo. Inland a bit from the freeway in Encinitas. Called Willow Creek Stables.

SamO | 9 November 2013

There are plenty of spots, but notice that TM usually places the charging spots back against an undeveloped area to make room for the charging equipment. In the case of SJC this parking lot is surrounded by strip mall parking.

I'm SURE they'll find a way around the problems, but not if they don't break ground ;-)

D and K | 18 November 2013

Wondering if anyone has driven by and seen any progress?

shop | 18 November 2013

As of this weekend, the permit still hadn't been issued. It's been though the building department and the planning department, but I'm sure there are a few other departments to go through. You can view the status of the permit by going here.

Search for applicant name begins with "tesla"

Benz | 19 November 2013

It looks more and more likely that the San Juan Capistrano Supercharger station will go live in 2014 instead of 2013.

shop | 19 November 2013

Yes, that's what I heard about a month ago. Expect early 2014.

gregsbeach | 25 November 2013

I have stopped by the site and seen no activity.

I emailed tesla and they replied to me today

" We are working hard to add Supercharger locations to the Oxnard and San Juan Capistrano areas. We are targeting completion of these sites in early 2014. Currently we do not have plans for a site in San Diego. Superchargers are meant to enable long distance travel and thus will be on major routes leading to and away from San Diego. Please continue to monitor our website for updates and announcements."

Sorry for the bad news. This is REALLY delayed for something that was scheduled for Summer 2013.


shop | 25 November 2013

That's consistent with what Tesla has been saying for over a month now. The permit still isn't approved, so kinda out of Tesla's hands.

bradtesla | 25 November 2013

A week ago Tesla emailed me and said the plan is December for completion. Though, if permits are not issued yet then it's going be tight. I too am waiting for San Juan Capistrano, that's the one I need. One in San Diego would definitely be a plus, especially if you're driving in and out of Mexico.

bradtesla | 25 November 2013

Actually, just checked and it looks like the permit was approved Thursday, Nov 21st. They can complete it by December if they were to deliver hardware and start installing next week.

Joys4me | 25 November 2013

There is plenty of room in the Union Bank parking lot and I understand from planning that the permit is fully approved and Tesla says it will be complete by December 31st. There's an awesome number of bars and restaurants within a block so this is an incredibly great site for a supercharging station! JD

crmohler | 25 November 2013

That's great news that the permit was approved! I hope they put in plenty of charging stations because I think this is going to be a popular site.
I'm looking forward to Ontario and Indio (but would prefer Palm Springs) too.

djm12 | 25 November 2013

Awesome news. BTW....did anyone notice that there is a brand new SC in the other SD: South Dakota? It wasn't scheduled until next year - somebody must be planning their cross country road trip!

Brian H | 26 November 2013

The xc route is being Elon-gated.

Benz | 29 November 2013

Construction to be started shortly (within December 2013)?

SamO | 4 December 2013

I have pictures of the temporary gate and porta pottie on the site. There are approximately 15 spots blocked off (basically the center of the parking lot). I will post them once I host them.

Good news is that we are likely 3-4 weeks away assuming no delays with permit inspection.

Expect opening around New Year.

SamO | 4 December 2013

SJC fence and porta pottie as promised.

twsong525 | 4 December 2013

I go to garden glove more than 50 times a is 80 miles from home and I first thought 60kw is enough. For my weekend drive w/out supercharge station. But I find it is impossible.t'fore pls let me know when it is ready.

shop | 4 December 2013

Is the Union Bank to the left of this picture? Interesting that they decided to put them in the middle of the parking lot - I would have assumed something farther away from things.

JZ13 | 4 December 2013

@Samo - thanks for the update. Glad its finally underway.

@shop - the parking lot is in the middle of the shopping center. As I stated in the OP I think its a very odd location and there are bound to be ICE conflicts here. But its better than nothing.