Saw the beta "S" in Bellevue today

Saw the beta "S" in Bellevue today

Loved the look of the beta "S" that they had at Bellevue Square this weekend. The staff was very knowledgable and put up with all of our questions.

My only concern is the back seat. I'm not a tall guy and if my head hits the ceiling while sitting in the back seat how comfortable will it be for someone taller? The reps did say that they had heard similar concerns from I hope they make changes here.

discoducky | 6 November 2011

I'm 6' 1" and didn't have that issue. You might have a long torso or mine is short but I had about 2 inches of space. Also the ride I took in Freemont was very comfortable in the back seat.

I did have trouble getting in and out though. Both for my feet (size 12) and getting my head low enough.

Denis Vincent | 6 November 2011

@ Discoducky Being 6'1" doesn't make you short by any stretch of the imagination, otherwise, your a huge guy....I wouldn't be to worried thought, when you get your Tesla, I doubt you'll be any where other than the drivers seat. My wife wants me to make a deposit on the Model X as her Christmas present...?! She's already worried that between her and my two sons, she may have to settle on a back seat more often then she'd like.

Robert.Boston | 6 November 2011

Heh -- my trouble is getting the driver's seat. My wife is very clear that when she's in the car, she's driving.

jbunn | 7 November 2011

I'm 5-10, and my head was hitting the ceiling in the back. Of course it's the same way on the last two cars we've had (Subaru Legacy sedan and Volvo C70).

I don't expect to see any major changes in this however, as I'm pretty sure they have the chassis design locked by now.

petero | 7 November 2011

Robert.Boston sorry, me too! My wife has listened to me talk up the "S" for months. I took her to Fremont. She said three things: I like it just fine, brown, and it's mine!