seating for 6 or 7?

seating for 6 or 7?

I'm thinking about purchasing a Tesla X with 6 seats instead of 7. Since the second row doesn't fold flat, I think it will provide room for skis and snowboards as well as other large items. Also, the space between the second row seats will provide room for a cooler or bag of toys. The space will also allow those sitting in in the third row to be included in the conversations of the first two rows. What do you think?

Farmer Dave | 21 October 2015

I chose six seats for the same reason, plus I doubt that I will EVER want to carry more than six people. I also think that two seats in the second row will be marginally more comfortable, and the space between them provides extra leg room for third row passengers.

AlMc | 21 October 2015

At the reveal they also had one 6 seater. IIRC they had a nice divider/console between the second row seats. I believe it will be an option although I do not recall it in the configurator.

I suspect it will be removable as you are right that there is some utility gain by having a longer flat surface between those seats.

Mark35 | 21 October 2015

I went for the 6 seat option. I had already configured before it was offered. Tesla called me and gave me that option for no extra charge for the change. The Tesla person talked about putting skis or a surfboard in that opened a space. I don't surf and have not skied in 25 years. But I do occasionally carry larger/longer items in my Jeep by folding down half of the 2nd row. The opening between the Tesla 2nd row in the 6 seat config would do the same for me in 90% of those times. I will almost never need 7 seats, so it was a no brainer. 6 is my number.

Side note. As pointed out by someone awhile back, skis will probably fit under the 2nd row seat pedestals. So that isn't really a valid argument, but snowboards are a valid case.

AlMc | 21 October 2015

@Mark35: As to the skis fitting under the pedestal base. Are you taking side to side? I suspect you are as with the third row folded down the flat surface does not extend to under the second row IIRC (back to front)

ian | 21 October 2015

If the same choices are available when I am asked to configure I will most likely choose the 6 seat option for the same reasons. I would hope they offer the center console or at least add some fold down armrests to the second row at some point.


Mark35 | 21 October 2015

@AlMc. Yes, skis would be front-to-back with 3rd row folded down. But this was someone else's logic. I just happen to think that it is logical and so referred to it.

Mark35 | 21 October 2015

@ian. I think full on Captains Chairs with dual armrests and swivel bases in the 2nd row 6 seat version would be awesome. A throwback to the 70's era vans. Not that I had one then. On my budget then, I was happy to have my VW camper.

ian | 21 October 2015

Mark35 - I'd be happy with just inboard armrests for them! ;-)

Also, having seen the height of the 3rd row when folded, there's no way skis are fitting lengthwise under the second row. Unfortunately.

madodel | 22 October 2015

The center console was a personal modification for Elon. Haven't spoken with anyone lately but there was no immediate plan to provide that as an option, but they said they would consider it. I expect an entrepreneur to offer it as an aftermarket accessory if Tesla doesn't.

I also ordered a 6 seater, for the reasons others have stated. Plus I've had 7 seats in my Highlander Hybrid for 7+ years and never used all 7.

ian | 22 October 2015

Except for the fact that it was in a Sig Red X and Elon's is black. ;-)

You're right though, it was a special modification for someone important and it's not planned for production.

We can only hope they change their minds on that. It took them forever to do a console for the S, if they have even delivered any yet.

aaquino22 | 22 October 2015

Is the 6 seater option cheaper?

madodel | 22 October 2015

@ian Cool. I wasn't at the Launch, but saw the interior 6 seater with the console and asked Tesla about it, and they told me it was a special modification. Hopefully someone does offer this as an option.

@aaquino22 Right now for Signature orders it is one base price, whether 6 or 7 seats.

Cattledog | 23 October 2015

We chose the 6 seater, thought it made the car feel bigger, very atypical for us to need to haul 7. We'll get a second row console if Tesla offers one and it's removable.


Mark35 | 23 October 2015

In theory, that will also make the MX lighter and help with the range. In practice, the weight change as a percentage is negligible and so would be the range change.

Gert van Veen | 23 October 2015

Although not often used, I need a seven seater. Is there already any experience in taking in and out seats?

ian | 23 October 2015

Considering only 6 X's have been delivered there is no reports of removable seats. Tesla representatives have said they are NOT removable in any way. Others here have joked that they are certainly removable, you just might have trouble getting them back in. ;-) | 23 October 2015

I had an Odyssey with 8 seats and used them all. I'm getting a 7 seater. That having been said, a Tesla insider who got one of the first Models X (Model Xes?) just sent his 7 seater back to Fremont to be converted into a 6 seater. Indecision is the key to flexibility.

JeffreyR | 23 October 2015

Mom & Dad
3x eight-year-olds (girl/boy twins + step-daughter)
Grandma & Grandpa

It's going to be a seven-seater for me.

carlk | 24 October 2015

I don't have a large family. I'm getting a 6 seater. There will always be time you'll need one extra seat no matter how many are there but the extra utility from the center floor is much more useful to me majority of the times.

Stan_Stein | 24 October 2015

I would select the 6 if the two remaining had the versatility of captain chairs with arm rests.

Remnant | 25 October 2015

@ CKS (October 21, 2015)

<< The space will also allow those sitting in in the third row to be included in the conversations of the first two rows. What do you think? >>

A good concern!

But it raises the additional concern for tire/highway noise.

I wonder whether Tesla has made progress in that area, either in noise cancelling, or in noise dampening technologies.

aesculus | 25 October 2015

But it raises the additional concern for tire/highway noise.

Is this an issue? I thought the dense battery pack underneath would shield all of that.

aaquino22 | 25 October 2015

Just FYI, sitting in the 2nd row seat for my test drive on a seven seater model X, I did notice that the the middle seat headroom was lower than the outer seats. That middle seat might have to go to the shortest person. Also, that seat did not have a child seat restraint latch; however, it does have a pull out armrest.

Roamer@AZ USA | 25 October 2015

@Remnant, Tire nose is mostly a low profile tire issue. On the S 19" are extremely quiet. 21's thump more. I can't find the blog post or info right now but the newer replacement tires are much quieter. I recently put new tires on my P85D staggered 21's and they are much quieter now. I needed tires because I swapped the used staggered 21's from my old P85+ onto the new P85D. I ordered the new D with 19's so I could swap and give my daughter a better ride and less damage prone wheels and tires on the P85+.

@aesculus, Volumes and volumes of posts on tire noise on the Model S forum. Keep in mind these cars are absent engine noise and vibrations along with clean aero that reduces wind noise. So now you can hear the tire noise more than ICE cars. The low profile tires handle great but ride harder and thump the road cracks harder.

I ordered both Sigs with 20's for the softer ride and quieter roll. In addition that allows 5,000 lbs tow rating. The X looks great with 22's but for us and our intended use we don't need high speed corner performance and can live with the Soccer mom look.

Tesla has also improved the tire noise sound deadening on the newer cars.

Roamer@AZ USA | 25 October 2015

Nose =noise. iPad thumbs.

Remnant | 28 October 2015

@ Roamer@AZ USA (October 25, 2015)

<< Keep in mind these cars [have no] engine noise and vibrations along with clean aero that reduces wind noise. >>

OK, fair enough. Then we need to focus on the transmission of the noise to our ears. Of the two likely transmission chains, air to glass and wheel-well to chassis, the latter is more likely to require dampening.

Short of providing everyone in the car with ear muffs or noise cancelling headsets, I would consider lining the wheel wells and the cabin with sound insulating materials, such as ACOUSTIBLOK, and a thicker glass for windshield and windows.

Roamer@AZ USA | 28 October 2015

@Remnant, Our first VIN 9XXX car is incredibly quiet and the cars have gotten better. I don't think there is a noise "problem". My comments are you will hear the 21's a little more than the 19's. My comment isn't that the noise is a problem at all.

The cars are so dang quiet and vibration free that people are even more sensitive to any level of sound. I personally don't think there is anything to "fix". But like all things it can be improved.

oragne lovre | 28 October 2015

Any stand-up paddle-boarders on this forum? I'm getting a 6-seaters since I'll need room for a paddle-board.

ian | 28 October 2015

Hope it's shorter than 80 inches long.

Ross1 | 1 November 2015

Stand up in the car?

Actually I plan to be a sit down act when I grow up. Only 68 yet.