Seattle Area Meetup?

Seattle Area Meetup?

Just wondering if anyone in the Seattle area would be interested in meeting up at some point. Maybe we could meet at one location and then drive to another, grab coffee or lunch? Kind of like the Seattle Vespa club only possibly even cheesier. :)

welockett | 7 January 2013

I would be up for that. Would be nice to meet and see the other S's in the area.

blurry_eyed | 7 January 2013

Yes, I'd be interested in a meetup!

Captain_Zap | 7 January 2013

Sounds good. Maybe details could be posted in the Washington State thread?

DTsea | 8 January 2013

That would be fun, once I get my Model S!

miketa14 | 8 January 2013

I would love to meet up.

joepruitt | 8 January 2013

I'm in. There was one at XXX rootbeer in Issaquah in October that I missed. Start a post in the Washington members forum and we can get a time/place setup.

Laryrob | 8 January 2013

Im in too;delivery projected at end of Feb

olanmills | 8 January 2013

Sure, I guess

webguy | 8 January 2013

Won't be getting mine until Mar/Apr but I would love to see existing ones in person until then!

assap6 | 8 January 2013

Count me in. I was at the airport over the weekend for a couple of hours & parked right next to another S plugged in on Level 5 - would've loved to say 'hi'

BruceD | 8 January 2013

For late Feb...sure, I'm in.

Kit-60kWh now 85D | 8 January 2013

That would be great! Mine's due Jan. 20-Feb. 2 or 3.

kenliles | 8 January 2013

I'd be in if you allow non Model S owners but a future GenIIIer and current stock holder.

DouglasR | 8 January 2013


lph | 8 January 2013

I am interested, hope you don't mind a share holder who plans to buy a P 85 in a year or two.