Service Plan for Model X

Service Plan for Model X

Do you plan on purchasing the service plan for your Model X? I have never been one to take my cars in for all the regularly scheduled maintenance. Looking for some input on this.

ken | 10 August 2015

Maybe the MS owners can tell us how it works for them. I thought that the maintenance package was purchased year-by-year. Does it have to be purchased at the time you purchase your vehicle?

jordanrichard | 10 August 2015

I have a S85. The required maintenance is as follows:

Every 5,000 miles, rotate tires
Every 2 years, flush/replace brake fluid
Every 4 years, flush/replace battery coolant
Every 12 years, replace gear oil in gear reduction box.

The "Annual Service" is not required but recommended. Unless you lease your vehicle, you can skip the annual service and Tesla will still warranty the car.

You can either buy a service package in advance or pay as you go, for the Annual Service.

ken | 10 August 2015

jordanrichard | AUGUST 10, 2015

Thanks for the clarification.

jjs | 10 August 2015

I have a P85 and bought the prepaid maintenance AND the extended maintenance. Love Tesla, love the car BUT it is brand new. This has never been done before, by a company that has not mass produced a car before (the roadster was hand built). So I felt as though maintaining the car per manufacturers specs made sense. I have never done this on any car I have bought before.

Might not do the same for the X. A lot of it depends upon how much I think is new vs S platform.

This is still a new company, still new tech. so I lean toward purchasing the prepaid maint. if available. YMMV

Remnant | 10 August 2015

@ clublon (OP, August 10, 2015)

<< Do you plan on purchasing the service plan for your Model X? >>

Yes. It's clear it would organize my car care by avoiding forgetfulness or procrastination delays.

Farmer Dave | 10 August 2015

I am wondering if I will be eligible for home delivery and service on my Model X (#627 Sig) since I'm 137 miles from the nearest service center in Rockville, MD. I'll need to find out before I finalize a purchase.

rxlawdude | 10 August 2015

@jordanrichard - You forgot to mention that if one purchases the Extended Service Agreement (aka, "extended warranty"), all services must be performed at 12,500 mile or one year intervals, whichever come first. Else the ESA is void. Read the terms. They are quite explicit.

jordanrichard | 11 August 2015

Since I have not purchased the extended warranty, I have not read the terms.

I believe the OP is asking about the pre-paid service (maintenance)plan.

pvetesla | 11 August 2015


I have the 8 year warranty and have not done any service. I got my car early 2013. Here is what Tesla has to say about it on its Q&A:

***If I choose not to service my Model S, will this void my warranty or Resale Value Guarantee?***

It is highly recommended that you service your Model S once a year or every 12,500 miles (20,000 km). If you do not follow this recommendation, your New Vehicle Limited Warranty will not be affected. If you are financing your Model S through Tesla Financing, you will only be eligible for the full Resale Value Guarantee if your Model S is brought in for service per the above recommended timeline.

ken | 12 August 2015


ken | 12 August 2015

pvetesla | AUGUST 11, 2015

Thanks that was helpful. | 12 August 2015

@Farmer Dave,

If you believe Elon, the X will deliver itself. I would recommend a backup plan:-))