Shortest number of miles on a fully charged 85?

Shortest number of miles on a fully charged 85?

What's the fewest number of miles you've gotten out of a standard charge in an 85 due to either driving fast, up a mountain, in cold weather, etc.?

When traveling on the highway I'm generally an 80-85 mph guy and there are times on an open highway I crank it up higher. Just curious of any real world examples of people leaving home with a full charge showing x miles of range and then finding that because of their driving habits or conditions the range actually was significantly lower?

Docrob | 29 June 2013

Probably the worst case scenario is drag races, maximum acceleration then maximum braking. There was another thread discussing drag racing that showed the Model S used about 0.6kwh per run (at 10c/kwh this is FAR cheaper then gas fueled runs) at a quarter mile per run that's 2.4kwh per mile of such abusive driving which means you could theoretically exhaust an 85kwh car with 34 miles of such driving.

I just really hope I don't see a headline on FOX tomorrow "Model S Real World Range Only 34 Miles"

mortgagebruce | 29 June 2013

I like to drive fast but I won't be drag racing. I also am not the kind of driver that floors it when the red light turns green. It's just that once I'm on the highway I want to get to where I'm going and I don't like being stuck behind other cars:)

skymaster | 29 June 2013


I am curious. When you are on the highway going 85 or faster, what is the speed limit?

jjaeger | 29 June 2013

Yesterday did the LA to Bay Area run on I5. The Tejon to Harris Ranch leg is the easiest to 'enjoy the car' - and 85 is very doable, with various jogs to get around slower moving cars avoiding the right hand lane bumps. Ran 75-90 most of the way in 100-106F heat (so AC cycling the entire time).

Stats were:
117 miles
144 rated miles
343 Wh/m
40.1 kWh energy used

So under these conditions, answer depends on your range buffer desired. For me - 180-200 miles, but more than that and you're cutting it close. By the way, 3 passengers and the frunk & trunk were both stuffed to the brim w/ luggage.

negarholger | 29 June 2013

For the 2 hrs trip to the inlaws we always use 30 kWh one way. Today there was an accident and the same trip lasted 5 1/2 hrs and used 42 kWh for 90 miles. It was hot and A/C on but in range mode. Under these conditions useful range would max out at 160-180 miles.
We can charge at the inlaws, and next week they get a 14-50 outled installed in the garage so we don't have to string the 50 ft extension through the house anymore.

Docrob | 29 June 2013

jjaeger, that sounds about as bad as it gets in real world use, high AC use, max weight, high speeds, lots of overtaking. Basically its a challenge to get the 85 below 200 miles useful range.

negarholger | 29 June 2013

If you go 0-5 miles an hour it is possible...

negarholger | 29 June 2013

... as I found out today. But I was more suprised how efficient the S was even under these adverse conditions. And by the way a handfull of ICEs ran out of gas.

jjaeger | 29 June 2013

Docrob - agree. Only thing I wasn't fighting was a head wind. Although from some of the winter reports I am guessing that heavy heating may be a bit more mile consuming than heavy duty AC. I have no experience on this - just going from east coast reports 6+ months back where 170-180 miles were considered more of a top end.

HenryT2 | 29 June 2013

"And by the way a handfull of ICEs ran out of gas."

After getting my MS, I've noticed how I never have range anxiety anymore in that I know exactly how many miles I've got every morning. Whereas my ICE is often a surprise ("Ah crap, I've only got a 1/8 tank left!") I've only once run out of gas (range) in 30 years of driving, but I've had thousands of mini-range anxiety issues.

stimeygee | 29 June 2013

Someone once came up with 177 miles as a worst-case scenario on a full charge - meaning in the cold, driving fast, etc. That seems about right based on my experience so far.

negarholger | 29 June 2013

@HenryT2 - on the Bay Area highways alone according to the CHP every day on average 30 cars run out of gas. I was always wondering how can this be with gas station at every exit. Now I know there is no chance to get to a gas station if you are boxed in for 2+ hrs and it is blistering hot.
The experience in the MS was actually pretty nice for the circumstances... stop and go driving is just a pleasure in the MS compared to any ICE. My normally impatient wife just called her sister-in-law on the East Coast via the car and we had an hour and half a pleasant chitchat. Seats are just marvelous no sitting fatigue at all... only the clock told us the trip was 5 1/2 hrs - not our bodies.

Brian H | 29 June 2013

And "idling" uses almost no power, so you aren't subject to the risk of running out of get-up-and-go, like the putt-putts.

riceuguy | 29 June 2013

@mortgagebruce, I NEVER used to be the guy that would floor it from a red light. Now that I have a Model S, I get a little rush of excitement when I'm first in line at a red light and it's hard NOT to floor it. You'll understand when you get it!

HenryT2 | 29 June 2013


I like an adrenaline rush, but the loud roar of the ICE car deterred me from flooring it at red lights. I guess some people think a guy revving his engine and screeching off is cool, but I'm not one of them. But with the Model S, because of the near silent acceleration, I'm constantly having to hold myself back from tearing off from EVERY damn light if I'm the first one there. And from what I've gathered, I'm not by any means unique in this respect. I've never pulled up next to another Model S at a traffic light. I'm curious how the non-revving, nonchalant drag race would pan out.

pimp-boy | 29 June 2013

Driving from L.A. to Los Gatos, around 75 mph, the batteries would probably last 190 miles only per standard charge. Rated charge would be 235 miles. Roughly a 20% loss.. That's with AC running and the 21" wheels.

mortgagebruce | 30 June 2013

@skymaster speed limits are 75 around here

July10Models | 30 June 2013

The Models S is very efficient indeed. I have already saved $1200.00 in energy cost in five months over my former ICE car and I did not drive the ICE half as aggressively. Once the vampire loss issues are resolved, the Model S will be the killer App of this century.

Jolinar | 1 July 2013

yea, I'm also very curious how many miles (km) we'd get on German autobahn averaging 110 mph (180km/h). Well, I guess I'll know soon... can't wait for it :-)