I'm hearing that the S will probably be about the size of a BMW 7 series. How about a little smaller: 3 or 5 series?

Nvbob | 12 October 2010

It's about the size of a Buick LaSabre. We saw it at Carmel this year. We got a chance to measure it (196" long) which is about the same length as our in-law's LaSabre.

It's a big car.

We took a ride with Dan Mygen from Tesla.

And they showed us the liftgate.

We do have some photos but haven't posted them yet.


Timo | 12 October 2010

I have a feeling that actual Model S will be slightly smaller than that pre-production model that was build in Mercedes frame. Can't really say why I have that feeling. Maybe it is from those Model S design pictures in recent Factory blog. It just doesn't look that big. OTOH Saab 9-5 doesn't look that big either, but is in fact full 40cm longer than Hummer H3, so eyes can deceive you.

If the actual car is only 6 months or so away from drivable prototype and exterior design is already fixed, maybe it is time to get another blog entry. Or at least list those figures in Model S page.

Vawlkus | 13 October 2010

I'll wait until they actually HAVE the thing built, then they have something to brag *cough* blog about :)

Timo | 13 October 2010

What surprised me was Model S FAQ which states that recharging times are similar to Roadster for 230mile version, which means that their battery sizes are close to same. That means that Model S is much better build than Roadster for losses it gets. Aerodynamics are much better (though, Roadster isn't the most aerodynamic car around) and rolling resistance can't be much greater either. Which would mean that they have managed to make it much lighter than one would expect from car that big.

It also that means that 300 mile version has only about 70kWh battery instead of 90kWh as I have seen speculated here. Impressive.

brag *cough* blogging is earned. :)

Roger_Smith | 13 October 2010

Can I offer both of you gentlemen some cough syrup? J/K. This next year is going to be tough to wait out. Guess I'll try to occupy myself with something.

Brian H | 15 October 2010

Recent reports say that sex is very healthful. You won't need/want/get much after you get your S, so load up now!


Roger_Smith | 17 October 2010

@Brian.... Are you kidding??? This car is a shallow chick magnet! :)

ChadS | 17 October 2010

I wish.

Last Friday I drove to Wenatchee Valley College to display my Roadster as part of the National Alternative Fuels Odyssey Day. My car was swarmed by about 20 people before I got out of the car. They asked all sorts of questions. After a few minutes, one of them said "Is it great having such a chick magnet?"

"Unfortunately, if you look around," I said to the all-male audience, "you will see that it is a guy magnet."

Roger_Smith | 19 October 2010

@ ChadS..... I had to bust out laughing at your comment. The Model S is a different beast my friend. It has the curves of an Aston Martin, the front of a Maserati, and the rear of a Jaguar XF. All of this is of course my opinion. Believe me, the Roadster is nothing to sneeze at, especially with the price tag.

Brian H | 23 October 2010

Location, location, location! What are the odds of finding chicks at an "Alternative Fuels Odyssey Day"? You have to pick your venues better. Suggestions for Chad, everyone?

Timo | 23 October 2010

In my experience no car is a "chick magnet" or if it is it is attracting wrong types of chicks. Besides Model S would make them jealous very fast (unless you let them drive).

I once explained a difference of sport car and pimped urban off-roader like Hummer in Freudian universe to someone: if you buy a sport car you buy yourself an significant other, if you buy yourself an Hummer you buy an extension to certain bodypart.

Roger_Smith | 23 October 2010

I agree with Brian H. Gotta pick the right venue. But in all honesty, a woman that wants you only for your car, isn't a woman worth keeping.....Well maybe just for the night.

BYT | 28 October 2010

Interesting quote, "if you buy yourself an Hummer you buy an extension to certain bodypart." Did you know that our current Governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) owned I think 8 of them? What does that say about him? :D I yes, I found an article about it, thanks Google!

I found another that he sold a few of them and converted others to an alternate fuel source.