Slammed Model X

Slammed Model X | 1 October 2015

That was quick!

Pbfoot | 1 October 2015


JeffreyR | 1 October 2015


carlk | 1 October 2015


rossRallen | 1 October 2015

Needs blue LEDs under the car and in the wheel wells. Also, hang one of those Pine Tree thingies from the front camera.

alex.sanders | 1 October 2015

You could put a fake blower in the frunk...and for maximum cool I think you will need a way to have the falcon wing doors always open while driving...

JKL | 1 October 2015

Much better

Red Sage ca us | 3 October 2015

The world's most perfect version of the Honda Fit!

Bikezion | 3 October 2015

Now that's "in your face". Literally, the falcon wing door would be right at face level.

Red Sage ca us | 3 October 2015

Yeah. This would be barely legal in California. No part of the undercarriage is allowed to hang below the bottom edge of the wheel. This seems to be around 1/4" to 3/8" (6mm to 10mm) above the mark.

aaquino22 | 4 October 2015

That's sick! | 6 October 2015

Wait until you see the Falcon Wing doors flapping while driving!

ian | 7 October 2015

Not too shabby. Not quite my cup o' tea. Somewhere in between that and stock would be pretty sweet though! ;-)

damonmath | 7 October 2015

It needs hydraulics and some huge 18" subs in the back ;)

Red Sage ca us | 8 October 2015

I'm sure someone will figure out how to make the suspension adjust from 12" to 2.5" ground clearance before long.