"Sourcing Parts"

"Sourcing Parts"

Real question is how people actually still have that as a status?

Kpg81 | 29 August 2014

No one. They replaced it with "You have entered the production queue in Fremont" to work it differently and to calm the delivery / production delays. Just a more shareholder friendly terminology thats all. | 29 August 2014

That's what they have been busy with the past few weeks. Buying up parts. They have them all now to build all our cars:) We're just too many - so there's a queue. Euphemism... Actually may be not - the trend seems a little more positive with some delivery dates bumped up.

psrenv | 29 August 2014

West Coasters with outside Financing seems to be the latest rumors of delivery bump upped dates...I am one of those that has NOT gotten into the BUIDLING phase even though I qualify on both counts above.

Brian H | 29 August 2014

Whatever you do, don't let them BUIDL your car. The wheels might be on backwards or something. ;|

akikiki | 30 August 2014

@psrenv, we knew what you meant.

Brian H | 30 August 2014

But you missed the humor. Not that you were the intended audience for it."

Grond | 30 August 2014

Eye c watt u ded dere Brain!

SeattleSid | 30 August 2014

When I was in "sourcing parts" mode, I thought of "scrounging parts," and couldn't help picturing Tesla people looking in dumpsters, checking out junk yards, scouring Craig's list...

Captain_Zap | 30 August 2014

I have to admit that was a pretty good one, Brian.