Stringing us along?

Stringing us along?

I have to say, now that we're seeing the final interior and the near-production betas, that I'm more than a little annoyed.

Lame cup-holders.
No door pockets.
No storage outside the glove box whatsoever?

Over and over, since the betas were displayed, we've been assured that this was merely preliminary and that the interior would be much better and more fully featured in the final model. They kept saying 90% complete.

If they knew that nothing other than the roof screen was going to change, they should have said so. All they had to say was that the interior was finished except for better fit & finish. It would have saved endless speculation and disappointment.

Where do we keep sunglasses handy? Where does the hand lotion, tissues, litter bag, hair brush, etc. etc. go? We have to park and dig into the cavernous glove box???

Tesla is either mute or the reps repeat the refrain, "well, the interior isn't completed yet, there may still be changes coming". BULLSHIT!

I'm still buying the car. I'll install a lined basket of some kind in the console area like I had to do in my el-cheapo Ford Escort. But I'm not thrilled about having to do this in a $110,000 car, I'll tell you.

Thumper | 17 March 2012

Perhaps some others have had the experience of designing and building a house from scratch. When my wife and I retired, we already had bought a lot and worked with an architect to design the "perfect" retirement home for us. We incorporated all the lessons we had learned from updating several houses ourselves. The new house is wonderful, but it is not the perfection we envisioned in our minds. Before execution the design is an almost Platonic ideal. Real life never rises to that level. To use a different analogy, when you open the box and find Schrödinger's cat either alive or dead, some of the observers will be disappointed.
I am sure I will like not being as boxed into a tiny footwell as some cars with massive consoles. The general open feel is good. I will try to keep an open mind on everything until I live with it for a while.

Suprkar | 17 March 2012


I could not agree with you more. I recall the day I went to see the Alpha and immediately made my reservation. I thought the exterior was beautifus and the interior from what I could see was outstanding. When I attended the Beta event I thought the interior looked like my fathers Lincoln Town Car. It looks unfinished. I too called and voiced my negative feeling about the interior and was told it was not quite done and changes were still possible. I am so disappointed in the interior that I am beside myself. How could a company like this design a car this beautiful on the outside and give no consideration on how awful the interior looks. Why would you have a tiny center armrest with usless cupholders. This interior design screems WHAT WERE YOU THINKING I agree with you BULLSHIT 100% What a letdown!!!!!!!! If it costs more for the center console then for God sake charge for it. We are going to pay enough for the car and I would pay extra for it.
I am sure there are people who think the interior is OK but I am NOT one of them. Just my 2 cents.

BYT | 17 March 2012

I am buying the car like Mycoft but am also disappointed that there aren't additional storage space in the car. It's my functional, daily driver and not having a place to store the slew of items I need to make the car mine is a disappointment. Glove-box will already be occupied by license, registration and various manuals.

petero | 17 March 2012

Me too, I will just buy a purse for my 'junk.' I know just the spot to keep it in.

Designtime | 17 March 2012

I suspect that I am in the minority, but I am seriously considering cancelling my order (P4173). I was already disappointed with the timing of the announced limitations on the 40kw battery. I was thinking I would grudgingly bump myself to the 60kw battery but the interior in this car strikes me as amateurish, and I am not sure I can live with it.

We tend to buy mid-level luxury vehicles. Currently we have a Porsche Cayenne S and a Mercedes SL500. The attention to detail in these interiors is striking. I certainly do not get that feeling with the Model S.

I think that the reason most of us can reconcile the lack of practical touches in the Model S is because we are enthusiasts and are willing to make compromises based on that fact. At the price range we are paying, I am used to having an experience of not compromising at all. I don't know how common that opinion is.

One of the big plus for me keeping the reservation is the sales tax deduction in Washington State.

I have no idea what I am going to do yet. Apologies for the long rant.

Designtime | 17 March 2012

Meant to say sales tax exemption.

BYT | 17 March 2012

I also have a correction, "also disappointed that there isn't additional storage space in the car"

Also disappointed in the lack of editing capability on the forum and my horrendous grammar... :)

Jason S | 17 March 2012

I've been trying to get used to the idea of no center console and it'll kinda suck.

In my glasses holder: no glasses, however my wife has sunglasses in hers so I kinda expect that. In my center console: space for my iPhone to sit while connected to the car (I have the integration accessory), change purse (replaces the ashtray full of change), and a cordless shaver (incredibly convenient imho). In the door pockets: CD cases (won't need for Telsa), maps, and for some reason I put the tire pressure gauge there.

So there is a lot of extra crud I carry around already in those spaces Telsa has filled with... nothing. Glovebox and armrest will be used and may even use the cupholders on longer trips.

I see from (Russ Engle's google+ photos at the event) that under the carpet in the center is an interesting docking section. Like it is meant for assembly but there is nothing there. I can imagine velcroing something into that spot but would much rather have something well designed from Tesla there.

Chris DC | 17 March 2012

P1690 here. This whole storage and center console issue is very upsetting to me. It seems such a minor issue in the grand scheme of things but I am finding this increasingly hard to accept. As a Tesla enthusiast and early adopter I know there may be issues in the beginning. But in my close to 100K performance edition I do expect usable storage areas.

I am planning on replacing my current commuter car so usability is a huge factor in this. When Elon Musk says this is not only going to be the best EV but the best car overall Tesla needs to pay attention to detail. Blankenberg saying there will be a console option in the future (for extra $$$?) is just not acceptable. And don't get me started on the useless cup holders (I sat in the DC beta).

If Tesla has not found an acceptable storage and interior design by the time of my Tesla call I am considering delaying my order.

Sudre_ | 17 March 2012


I was expecting an open space for the base priced model but I really thought they would have an optional counsel after all the postings on the forum. I really thought after all the promises that the SIGs would have something for to show for the interior. I feel sorry for those paying that premium.

I'm guessing we are at the final product. They would have to re-crash test, I believe, if they added a center counsel. Time to start shopping for storage compartments :-)

jscottsanders | 17 March 2012

I couldn't agree more with the above. I don't believe I can pull the trigger on a 90K vehicle with this type of amateur interior. I'm a bit surprised folks on here are rationalizing how they will adapt to what is clearly a huge miss by Tesla.

The "IPad ducktaped to the dash" look is worthy of ridicule, not pride.

Perhaps the nextgen S will get it right.

My5bAby | 17 March 2012

I have to disagree with you guys on this one. I'm a guy too but I hate getting into someone else's car that is full of crap. What is it with us Americans. Myself excluded, we are the worst pack rats ! Every time I drive by someone's house with an open garage full of so much crap that they can't get their car in it I cringe. I don't mean to be offensive, to each his own but in my mind it's stupid to have a garage and not park your car in it.

Door pockets, center consoles, under the seats, glove compartment, trunk and soon to be frunk full of crap. How often do you use the things you have stored in those places. They are like time capsules. I dare you to empty yours out, you will find items from at least as far back as when you owned the car if not further, because you simply transferred stuff from the old one to the new one.

And every once of weight decreases efficiency.

IMO ! ! !


Mycroft | 17 March 2012

I use hand lotion, mileage log, tissues nearly every day. Having to reach over and dig into the glove box every time would be ridiculous.

petero | 17 March 2012

It dawned on me, Elon Musk has a grand plan. Not only will he change outer space, solar energy, automobile manufacturing… he is going to change us.

Really, how much crap that we put in the glove compartment, center console , door pockets do you need? I sat in my car and inspected the treasures I have stored for safe keeping. I was shocked how much ‘stuff’ I had - that I didn’t need.

Maybe Elon is right, less is more.

Tom A | 17 March 2012

I thought the interior was quite nice. The screen looks much better integrated in person than in pictures. It didn't stand out to me at all, once you get over the sheer size of the screen itself.

I don't keep much in my current car. One door pocket holds an ice scraper in winter, the tissue box is on the floor behind the passenger seat, and the center console holds my Garmin GPS unit and iPod. With the Tesla, I would download the music to the car from the iPod, and with the standard maps feature, I wouldn't need the GPS unit. The ice scraper can reside under the seat or in the rear footwell or in the compartment under the hatch area or in the frunk.

I agree that the cupholders are in a stupid place. From time to time, I do use a cup holder. That space is either armrest or cupholder, not both at the same time. That is a silly mistake.

But, it doesn't really matter what I think at the moment, since I can't afford it. I still wanted to chime in so that the GenIII models may benefit from as much input as possible.

Soflauthor | 17 March 2012

I've voiced my concerns about the lack of a center console (CC) ever since the beta reveal in October. I know I'm not alone.

It seems that TM has decided that making a statement about EVs and their flat floors is more important than providing necessary interior storage and improving interior aesthetics and flow. So be it. After all, Tesla puts its name on the car and has a right to make the design decisions it wants.

Now, a video by a visitor to Santana Row has George Blankenship saying, "... we listened, and are definitely going to offer a console as a Tesla accessory down the road." So, it appears that TM recognizes that concern about the lack of a CC is legitimate.

Buy really, "down the road?" The road should start when the first Model S is delivered. I'm not an automotive designer, so maybe I'm missing why creating a viable CC accessory design isn't possible now. Hell, it took me a few minutes to gen up a rudimentary CC design (posted on this forum). A pro should be able to develop appropriate automotive grade design drawings in a few days or a week, max.

If TM is (understandably) too busy to fabricate the CC design in house right now, I have to believe it could subcontract fabrication to a small vendor, who given the economy, would be only too happy to do the work and get the income. Charge, say, $500 to $1000 for the add-on (maybe give it to sig holders free, if they want it) and everyone is happy.

Failing all of that, at the very least, "down the road" should be defined by a hard date. Will it be three months or two years until a console accessory is offered?

Very disappointing. I'd be willing to bet that sales will be lost "down the road" because the Model S interior simply is not competitive with other vehicles at its price point. I'd also be willing to bet that comments on the interior layout in the automotive press will be more negative than positive. As a stockholder, I find that disturbing.

Leofingal | 17 March 2012

I am more in line with My5bAby. From the pictures I saw recently on another thread there is actually a recessed space on the floor with sidewalls, which eliminates my biggest concern (stuff sliding from passenger side to pedals). I need a place to store my badge for getting in my building at work, and a place to put my sunglasses (I do like the setup integrated in the headliner of my wife's Acura. That is all. I can put a pen and slim pack of tissues in the glove box and that would have everything I need from my current car. In the Frunk or Trunk I will have a snowbrush, a first aid kit (if one isn't already integrated), and a basic tool kit (if it isn't integrated).

I do notice that there isn't any space in my current car (Audi TT) for my phone, so hopefully this will be resolved by that space pictured in the other thread.

The only disappointment is the cupholders, but they are as good or better than the ones in my current $40k car. We'll see after driving it for a month or so, but I am guessing it won't impact me at all.

BYT | 17 March 2012

Well, I'm heading to Santa Row now and this question will be posed to hear what they say. I can tell you that there are things I "MUST" have in my car and one of which is a couple large bottles of water for my medical condition (I get dehydrated quickly so this is a must for me). Other things like storing cell phones, chargers, breath mints, cologne, gym gloves for weight training, headphones are all musts and things I keep stored in my car at all times and accessed 5 times a week or more. You will never find a McDonald's bag or random wrapper in my car, I don't allow that (my kids know not to leave that stuff in there either). Anyway, I'll share what I find out and let them (TM reps) know it's a hot topic on the forums if they don't already know.

brianman | 17 March 2012

@Mycroft - This reminds me of the UI on the Fisker, as per the owner review video. A mistake that sours even the most ardent supporter.

jkirkebo | 17 March 2012

Someone mentioned filling the glove box up with manuals. Paper manuals is seriously old tech. With that big 17" screen I'd expect all manuals to be accessible and searchable in a digital format. I do not read the papers or books on paper anymore and I definately do not want any paper manuals.

Ice scrapers should also not be neccessary, the heater should be powerful enough to clear the windshield of ice in 2-3 minutes even in 0 F temperatures. A heated windshield would be even nicer, I'd pay extra for that.

A mini fridge in the open space would be very useful though. I'd pay extra for that too. The water bottles would then be cold :)

Suprkar | 17 March 2012

I do not keep years of junk in my car.. My current vehicle has a functional center console where I keep a few needed items as well as my ipod and guess what, I can rest my arm and put my coffee in the holder at the same time what a concept in design functionality. Now as far as looks go I took pictures of the alpha interior and that was one hot looking cockpit. I still think the S is a great looking car on the outside and the technology is fantastic however the interior deign team should be SHOT...What a shame!

discoducky | 17 March 2012

I don't agree about the center console (read my post on the TMC thread) but do agree on the interior. There should be no question about the quality of the interior. It should be same/better quality than BMW, Audi, Lexus and Merc. I have full confidence in TM to deliver to these expectations.

brianman | 17 March 2012

@jkirkebo - If there is an issue with the 17" screen, how do you read the manual to fix it?

olanmills | 17 March 2012

I think we should still wait. I don't think they're "stringing us along."

We haven't seen the final interior yet, and when they say it's 90% done or 99%, I don't think the store rep is giving you a literal calculation for you to bank on.

This kind of repeated early showing, allowing the public to have rides, sit in the car, touch it, etc, is not normally done in the car industry. Add to that the fact that we here are following the car very closely, and I think you'll find that our scrutiny is going a little overboard.

Truth is that they haven't definitively told us all about the interior spaces, so we can't make any judgements until they do. This is part of what we signed up for by reserving a car before it has been produced.

adstein | 17 March 2012

@olanmills: good point and I hope you are right as I find the lack of storage and finesse in the betas to be below par for $40k cars. As my first $100k car the beta interior so far is a shocking disapointment. Let's hope that you are right as we early adopters may overlook the interior but the general public certainly will not.

jkirkebo | 17 March 2012

@brianman: I'd expect the manuals to be downloadable too, so I'd just look it up on my iPad. Or call Tesla customer support.

Soflauthor | 17 March 2012

Let me try to channel a future reviewer of the Model S. The reviewer loves the car overall. After raving about the technology, the overall driving performance, and exterior design, he/she writes:

" ... The Model S interior is its only weak point. The designers have opted not to include a center console in an effort to emphasize the EV's flat floor—there's no reason to hide a center transmission tunnel. But in doing so, they've created an interior that is just slightly off.

"The enormous center display is a tech marvel, allowing the driver to control virtually every function via a touch screen. It is unique in the automotive industry and will be the envy of every tech-savvy driver. But because there is no center console, the screen seems to float in space, without the visual anchoring that is required to integrate it into the central flow of the interior.

"In addition, I noticed that there are very few places to store small items. I put my iPad and mobile phone into a small tray that lies on the floor, where they slid around as I drove. The recessed area on the floor is reminiscent of a few trucks and sub $25K cars I've seen recently—certainly not the kind of thing I would expect in a premium sedan.

"Finally, the choice of interior accents is limited. That's understandable, given Tesla's need to bring the car to market on schedule—an amazing achievement, no doubt. But the choice of accents is ... well ... weak. For example, the banana leaf accent in the car I drove has vertical grain. The problem is that interior dashboard flow is always horizontal. Most premium brands use a burled wood look or a subtle horizontal grain so that the accent doesn't conflict with the horizontal flow of the dash. Tesla has chosen to go in another direction, at least with the banana leaf. Why?

"Overall, is the interior acceptable? Probably. But is it something that will wow potential buyers? With the exception of the tablet-like display, I would have to say 'no.'

"I've reviewed many other cars in the Model S price range ($65 to $100K). I may not have liked every interior touch, but it was always obvious that I was sitting in a car in the luxury price range. That's not necessarily the case for the Model S.

"That's a shame, because the interior is the only blemish on an otherwise spectacular car."

The above "review" is fictional, but I'll bet we read stuff just like it beginning in August.

Suprkar | 17 March 2012

I do not keep years of junk in my car.. My current vehicle has a functional center console where I keep a few needed items as well as my ipod and guess what, I can rest my arm and put my coffee in the holder at the same time what a concept in design functionality. Now as far as looks go I took pictures of the alpha interior and that was one hot looking cockpit. I still think the S is a great looking car on the outside and the technology is fantastic however the interior deign team should be SHOT...What a shame!

Mark K | 17 March 2012

Softauthor, you distill well how many of us feel about the interior, and what we expressed after the October beta.

For those who project onto this car our highest expectations of the ideal experience, it's not the home run it could be. To blemish this otherwise amazing picture with a non-stellar interior ... which should have been the easy part ... that's a needless dimming of potential.

But now it's March, and it's clear that the interior isn't changing.

At this point, there are bigger fish to fry. Production is nontrivial. See "The Big Picture" thread.

brianman | 17 March 2012

It might be interesting to mail my CA asking...

"If I defer my Signature, will you have the interior addressed projectile problem addressed by the time I order? If so, will I have information at the time of that deferral decision about what's coming so that I can evaluate whether the proposed solution is acceptable?"

Charged_Up | 17 March 2012


Your question is exactly one I am asking myself re deferral. It's a shame I'm even thinking this way ....

ddruz | 17 March 2012

As a someone who sincerely wants Tesla to succeed for the sake of the environmental ripple effect throughout the world, and as a significant (my portfolio) shareholder I am also crestfallen, bewildered and mystified by what appears to be the final interior of the Model S. Some people seem to be OK with it, but the majority of enthusiasts, regular contributors to this forum, appear to be disappointed, a number to the point of canceling or deferring their reservations.

From my perspective, the interior of a car should be functional. Comparable useable storage does not seem an unreasonable expectation in such an expensive car. I don't personally necessarily need console storage (though I prefer it) but I do feel a need for useable storage somewhere inside the car in reach of the driver exceeding glovebox storage. My number will not come up for a while (2993) but admittedly if asked today, I too would take a deferral and hope storage issues were resolved by the time my number came up again.

If Tesla wants to trademark an open space console area to showcase lack of transmission tunnel that's their decision. I can see it is an nice place to put purses and such. But I am completely bewildered by the absence of storage elsewhere to take up the slack for the lost console storage that so many folks naturally take for granted. The glovebox is just not sufficient.

Instead of mopping about it and being upset with Tesla (hey, who doesn't make mistakes, sometimes whoppers?), I'd like to put a positive spin on the current situation and ask the folks in this forum who are far more knowledgeable than I about car manufacturing whether it is really too late? If Tesla truly reads these forums and listens, is it too late to rectify the interior situation before the first July deliveries?

Without sacrificing their trademark open console, do they have time to include door pockets, or pockets behind the front seats, or maybe a small enclosed storage space beneath the 17 inch screen, or a sunglasses compartment in the roof between the visors or an extra cubby hole or two anywhere? And why not the optional, extra cost console accessory by July for those who want significantly more storage? Is it really too late?

A concerning problem has been identified. If enough enthusiasts voice their concern and contribute positive, implementable solutions can't something still be done by July?

Mark K | 17 March 2012

Thoughtfully said ddruze.

TM are you listening? Never forget the emotional part of the buying decision. We want to love the thing.

Thie dissonance you're seeing is authentic and widespread. Folks like ddruze are not hotheads.

You can't execute everything at once, but you can at least think about it, make a decision, and then tell folks your plan.

The suggestions on the "the Big Picture" thread are reasonable and practical.

What you say can make a defining difference for many of us.

Sudre_ | 17 March 2012

I still have to wonder. This quote, ".....the sliding plano cover (not part of any of the cars yet)......." taken from another post elsewhere points out that there are still things missing from the interior that are supposed to be there. I wonder how what else is missing that will be there. I don't mean to string anyone along but maybe there is a little hope.

Sudre_ | 17 March 2012

I really wish there was a way to delete or edit posts! My posts today have been horrible.

TikiMan | 17 March 2012

Looks like the preverbal 'dipper-bag' storage is staying... ho-hum :-(

Who knows, maybe Tesla will start the 'man-purse' trend again? Fanny-pack anyone? ...

Either way, some lucky person is going to make a $HIT-LOAD of money off creating an aftermarket center-console that all of us will end up buying, and having professionally installed.

Slindell | 17 March 2012

How about a hammock strung between the arm rest and the 17" display?

BYT | 18 March 2012

As promised, I said I would speak to a Tesla rep and ask about the center console and share the response with all of you. I spoke to Kyle Thompson at the Menlo Park Store yesterday (who will be at the Santana Row store today he told me).

After my chat in Menlo Park, I jumped into my Rav4 to the Santana Row site to check out the 4 Model S' there. I was hoping to see production model Model S' but alas they are still the Beta's but with more features or options in view and on display. There is still a ton of finishing that I wasn't able to gauge yet in regards to how the final cars would look.

The Center Console (armrest area) I hadn't realized before was not an open space because the climate control flows through that to the people in the back seats. You can slide the armrest forward to rest your arms or back to reveal one of two cup holders. You could (if by yourself in the car which I am most of the time) of your drink in the far cup holder and still rest your arm on the closer arm rest. I was OK with that solution. The big issues I had and shares with Kyle was that their is no place to hide large items in the cabin of the car and the users on these forums do not feel that they have been heard.

Kyle reassured me that Tesla Motors DOES in fact follow these forums closely and he himself has seen the comments. Only a few folks with Tesla have the green light to reply to us here but they all check what is written. He mentioned that he would like to see the center channel that's open partitioned or compartmentalized a little bit more and reminded me of the video posted above of the "George Blankenship interview" (about 1:38 in) which reiterates how that the open area is a signature of Tesla but would absolutely address the console issue in the future.

Kyle also told me that the folks at Tesla not only follow these forums closely but look forward and appreciate the feedback. They know they are a still new and growing car company that wants to put out the best car possible and what we have to say about it will help shape and mold Tesla Motors into the car company we all want them to be. As both a Production Reservation holder under 2k and a shareholder, I felt good about the response.

Crow | 18 March 2012

@BTY, thanks for that. It reiterates what the company has previously said so all is consistent.

TikiMan | 18 March 2012

..."George Blankenship interview" (about 1:38 in) which reiterates how that the open area is a signature of Tesla..."
No offence to George, but open-space is NOT a signature feature, unless your idea of 'signature' is failure on an epic level. This unfortunately speaks volumes to many of us for what else this car might be lacking (or under-thought) that we can’t see yet.

If you want a great idea to have some ‘safe’ open-space, and make it signature, here is a good example how...

phb | 18 March 2012

The vitriol is gettin old.

TikiMan | 18 March 2012


Sorry but, the vitriol is just getting started.

Tiebreaker | 18 March 2012

TikiMan, that look beautiful. You should buy it.

Mark2131@CA-US | 18 March 2012


Would you please hire Jonathan Ive and be done with it!

prash.saka | 18 March 2012

By the way, I looked at the pictures of the Model S's from Santana Row. And it says that they are still Beta's.

So, as much annoyed I am with the missing center console, I wanted to know if this the final design or would there be any more changes? And how are these Beta's any different than the Beta's that are already displayed?

~ Prash.

BYT | 18 March 2012

From what I gathered at te event Prash, they went trough the paint portion of the production line to show us the colors but were still very Beta internally.

TikiMan | 18 March 2012


Maybe I will! :-)

prash.saka | 19 March 2012

@BYT, if that is the case, and I hope it is, then we can surely hope for some major improvements, including the much needed center console, to be in the final production version.

To state my opinion, I am definitely for cutting some slack to Tesla. I can see that they are innovating and hence could stumble here and there. Heck, see how Fisker is making all the bad news.

But, the free pass that Tesla should get, again in my opinion, would be about the changes that they made (battery, motor, infotainment screen, etc.). If there are any negatives in these areas, I am all for giving Tesla some breathing room.

What I do not understand is the reason (or the lack thereof) to not have some storage inside the car. Sure, it has great trunk/frunk space. And this is an excellent feature and I absolutely love it. But, why remove the storage inside the car? Especially, when this is not at all related to the "electric" or the "next-gen" part of the car. Also, note that this is termed as a luxury car, on par with BMW 5 series. I know I am beating this topic to death, but what would the passengers do if they have a water bottle or a coffee mug? What if those passengers are 10 year old kids? Or senior citizens? Surely, we can't ask them to hold on to their bottles for the entire ride?

Finally, for some of us, including me, this is a very big purchase. I was nowhere in the luxury car shopping scene when I read about Tesla. And I am very glad that my wife co-operated with this purchase as she too can see the importance of bring electric cars to life. And the $75,000 price tag is huge for us. And when we are spending so much money, we expect to get things that are a foregone conclusion in a much less expensive cars. Hyundai anyone?

After my first look at the Tesla Beta in Boston, I was very underwhelmed with quite a few aspects. As others here mentioned, I too asked the rep about the center console and interior storage compartments. And her response was the same, that the interior is only 90% complete and there are changes coming up.

Finally, I am seriously thinking about switching to Nissan Leaf. My daily commute is 40 miles. So, the Leaf will work perfectly for me. Moreover, if I can spare about 45 minutes more each day, I can take public transportation to work. I really want the EV revolution to happen; I just can't take big oil companies anymore. And by switching to Leaf, I will still achieve my goal of supporting EV.

Though my reservation number is quite high, P 6806, and Tesla could make changes, I am starting to think about other options.

~ Prash.

Schlermie | 19 March 2012

@Prash, @BYT,
One of the Tesla staff I spoke with at the event said the interiors in the Betas were 95+% complete. (He started to say 90% but then pushed it up to 95+%.) I don't recall the exact words he used, but he essentially said what you see is what you're going to get. This wasn't one of the regular sales staff members which I've become acquainted with at the Silicon Valley stores. Tesla had an abundance of staff at this event. This particular gentleman spoke with the demeanor of an engineer rather than a sales rep. Whether that makes his word more or less credible is questionable, or maybe he was just new. Anyway, I found it interesting that he pushed beyond the regular "90% complete" line I had previously heard from everyone before that day.

prash.saka | 19 March 2012

@Schlermie, thanks for the update. However, I am not sure if those words are comforting enough. So, let's wait and see.


~ Prash.