Super Charging info

Super Charging info

When I spoke to a regional manage for the west about Supercharging he made it clear this is not the sort of thing you would do a lot. It has a somewhat substantial effect on the battery's lifespan. He mentioned you might do it 3-4 times a year. Anything more and prolonged would definitely affect battery life.

So, he believed that Supercharging would be a per use charge since it's not expected to be something owners do often.

jerry3 | 17 July 2012

Normally the only time you would use supercharging is on a trip. A typical trip for me might consist of:

Range charge at home.

Drive 250 miles.

Supercharge 45 minutes.

Drive 200 miles

Supercharge 60 minutes.

Drive 200 miles.

Standard charge overnight at the B&B

Do vacation stuff.

Repeat on the way home.

This would happen two or three times a year plus some day trips where more than 250 miles was driven.

So that would mean maybe sixteen supercharges per year.

Three or four seems kind of low for a normal year.

dahtye | 17 July 2012

The rep I spoke to said rule of thumb should be 1 supercharge for every 50 normal charges. I wonder if this means 1 supercharge for each day since we will likely charge every night. If this is the case, it supports about 7 supercharges per year.

I think the key here is that we need to be careful not to use supercharging too frequently - it stresses the connections due to quick expansion/contraction of joints from thermal expansion/contraction.

jerry3 | 18 July 2012

That is far fewer than I would have thought. If that turns out to be the case it kind of reduces the utility of the car.

cerjor | 18 July 2012

If I want to drive between Seattle and Phoenix, that will require 6-8 supercharger stops. And then back to the northwest. I might have to reevaluate making that drive.

Andrew18 | 18 July 2012

I'm planning on using our Volt for longer trips, and if I did not have it I would rent an ICE.

Roblab | 18 July 2012


1500 miles, all supercharged?

What happened to overnights at hotels on 50 amps?

Sure, I could drive the estimated 24 hours, but who would want to? Why not break it into three 500 mile 8 hour drives, with 3 supercharger stops?

Or take a plane and rent a car.

I guess I don't drive 1500 miles that often. That would still allow two trips per year within Tesla's guidelines.

When I take a vacation up to Canada, I plan to make the day trips around 400 miles, and drive less than 75, and stop and charge at RV parks for a few hours over lunch, take a walk, read, shop. Of course, that's a vacation. What you plan sounds like punishment.

Crow | 18 July 2012

My rep said a good rule of thumb is no more than once per day. No skin off my nose since I don't plan to take longer trips. | 18 July 2012

I hope to do one east coast trip per year, from Colorado. We will see what the recommendations are when the time comes.