Tech Package

Tech Package

Has anyone had a Model S delivered without the tech package, and regretted that omission? If so, why?

trydesky | 17 February 2013

Talk about salt in a wound!

jillalameda | 17 February 2013


nickjhowe | 17 February 2013

Go to and search for 'stevenmaifert'. He was one of the first to receive a car without the tech package. This thread contains some discussion on your question.

(and I think Trydesky was joking - meaning you ordered the tech package and it was not included in the car)

Brian H | 17 February 2013

No, I think he's talking about regretting omitting it, once receiving the car.

olanmills | 18 February 2013

The tech package is great, and I can't imagine having the car with out it. The power liftgate is super convenient. Are heated mirrors standard, or is that only with the tech package? Because that's a very practical feature in cold climates.

Anyways, to me, the tech package makes the car look, feel and operate the way a Model S should be.

KendallPB | 18 February 2013

The Model S has electrochromatic side mirrors in the tech package; there's no option for heated mirrors. Maybe Tesla will add that to the Model X or a future rev of the Model S, who knows.

viranjit | 18 February 2013

My main regret is not being able to use the GPS navigation system as a navigation system, with turn-by-turn directions. I don't particularly miss the xenon lamps, the power liftgate or the keyless entry. Strapping on the garage door opener to the visor is ugly but gets the job done.

All in all, I regret not ponying up the $4K (with taxes) for the Tech package.

jbunn | 18 February 2013

I got it, and very happy with my decision.

nickjhowe | 18 February 2013

@KendallPB - hate to correct you, but..from the Model S Manual:

"Rear window heater warms up the rear window and exterior mirrors for 15 minutes, then shuts off."

Sudre_ | 19 February 2013

I have been happy without tech. The garage door opener clips right inside the cubby under the screen and I just reach down and press the button. That only leaves turn by turn and I am not paying 4k for a $50 app I can buy for any Tablet. I do not miss or want any of the other item in the tech package.
For mapping I use google maps on the browser. Back when I was a boy we used to read maps all the time without them talking to us. . . . then again I can just have google maps speak the directions to me from my bluetooth enabled phone. One day someone will figure out how to let tje gps talk to the internet like every other tablet, laptop and phone does.

jat | 19 February 2013

I got the tech package and am very happy with it. No one feature was worth the money, but in the end I decided if I am spending this much on the car anyway, I would regret not having all those features. Homelink is very convenient, keyless entry is very convenient and has a "wow" factor for showing it off, the powered liftgate is convenient, the headlights are plenty bright but I don't know how much more than the standard ones they are and I like the cornering lights, and having usable navigation in the car is nice (previously I just used my phone rather than the crappy in-car ones, but I can't get a 17" display on my phone or the per-turn directions in the dashboard). The HD backup camera is nice, though I don't know how useful it is to be able to read the tag behind me. I do use it a lot just driving down the road to compensate for the poor rear visibility, so I don't know if the SD camera would make that less useful or not.

olanmills | 19 February 2013

@jat, that's a good way to sum it up, I agree. No one feature is worth it, but I think it's a big loss to remove all of the tech package features from the car.

ChasF | 19 February 2013

I guess it comes down to personal preference. Haven't received mine yet, but I think I will have the same experience as @Sudre. I don't particularly care about turn-by-turn (iphone app) or Homelink (Wifi enable garage door). Personally, any enjoyment of the remaining features would be offset by knowing I spent $4K for something not worth that much (to me). If that type of thing doesn't bother you, then I would go for the tech package.

rbgil770 | 19 February 2013

Great points all around. I would add that some future enhancements probably won't be available w/o the tech package (trajectory for b/u camera, sending directions to nav from mobile app, etc). This was also part of my justification.


Lou in SoCal | 19 February 2013

No tech package and no regrets at all. For me, all the features did not warrant the price. Also, I should note I had all the tech package features in my CLS AMG so it's not about not knowing what I'm missing.

mal42north | 19 February 2013

No tech and no regrets. The one time i've needed turn-by-turn nav I just used my phone hooked up over bluetooth.

stevenmaifert | 19 February 2013

No tech and after 2 months, no regrets. It boils down to how much we each feel the features of the Tech package enhance our driving experience and if it's worth the $3750. For some, it clearly is and others, clearly not.

GeekEV | 19 February 2013

some future enhancements probably won't be available w/o the tech package (trajectory for b/u camera...

Ack, I hope that's not the case. At least for the trajectory lines - I *really* want that...

scole04 | 19 February 2013

No tech package after three weeks and I'm happy when I think of the $3,750 saved. After calling Tesla its looking very probable that Xenon headlamps are coming as an add on in the future. That was the only feature I may want in the future. The SD camera is sufficent too.

cloroxbb | 19 February 2013

I know the tech package seems overpriced, but Im definitely getting it.

Brian H | 19 February 2013

Especially for the future "mystery tech" you'll get!

Therese | 19 February 2013

No regrets about omitting the tech package, but boy do I regret not getting the stereo upgrade!

Mocaptain | 19 February 2013

I am getting more value for the tech package than I originally expected. The turn by turn nav layered on top of google maps is worth it. Keyless entry is such a cool feature, wouldnt have it any other way. power hatch, better lights and advance mirrors were nice to haves...icing on the cake in my opinon.

Leofingal | 19 February 2013

My only regret so far (and it's minor) is that I have money in the bank, and I think I would have rather had the 85 kWh battery than the money in the bank (I got the 60). It seems to be enough range, but the extra buffer would mean I could drive more aggressively on my longer trips :).

The tech package features would have definitely caused me to have regrets. I love all of the features of the tech package, so I would definitely miss them. The Nav is extremely well integrated, and everything works flawlessly. I never did like having a separate garage door opener in my old car (predated homelink), and I think the headlights are very nice (fantastic visibility). Even the automated lift gate is great for me since my garage has a low ceiling, so being able to stop it at a specific height is of great value in protecting the paint on the trunk lid.

If you only wanted 1 feature out of the tech package it would be overpriced, but if you want them all, then it is a reasonable price.

stimeygee | 19 February 2013

What's this about xenon lights being available as a separate add on?

jillalameda | 19 February 2013

I have no garage, so homelink is of no value to me whatsoever (too bad; if I did that would have made the decision easier). And I can honestly say I have never in my life wished I had different/better headlights. From what I've read, the interior lights without tech are just fine, and I've also read the SD back-up camera is perfectly fine.

The power liftgate would be nice, but without the kiddie seats that's a "nice to have" rather than essential in my opinion, and not worth $1,500.

Turn-by-turn nav would also be a plus, but my iPhone will do that for me so having it with the car seems unnecessary, and also not worth $1,500 to me.

Do I want the door handles to get erect when I walk up? Um, not really. As I understand it the doors will still unlock automatically without tech, which is a feature I do want so I hope that information is correct. Tapping the handle to get in is fine with me.

I am getting the 85 and upgraded stereo, but not tech; I guess my priorities aren't exactly mainstream!

Thanks for the feedback, everyone; I was particularly interested in the experience of people who did not get tech because I think many people assume certain features are a part of the tech package that are really standard.

KendallPB | 19 February 2013

Thanks, @nickjhowe, but I'm confused. That implies it's standard, yet I remember all the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments when people realized there heated side (outside) mirrors! Honestly, I wonder if that's wrong/outdated.

I'd be happy to be wrong. I may not know first-hand for another 10 months, at the rate we're going in the DC area. ;-) I may be jinxing myself, but it doesn't look like I'll need heated mirrors till then.

joe12pack | 20 February 2013

@Therese - whats so great about the upgraded stereo? Does the non-upgraded version totally suck?

Brian H | 20 February 2013

The upgrade has a boom-boom box-box, and a couple extra speakers, and ?? better amp.

eternal.fatbastard | 30 March 2013

I just got my delivery today, and i'm regretting not getting the tech package. I think the navigation and the remote entry are the two things that i really wish I could go back and add them for. The keyfob is so damn slippery that i've already dropped it like 4 times trying to hit the buttons. Also, not sure, but i think it's blocked me from slacker/pandora/tune in. Not a big deal i guess since my phone can stream and do navi, but it's nice to have it on a big screen.

arturofranz42 | 30 March 2013

I almost made the same mistake on not including the tech package...I caught it, by reading in detail in the owner's on the horn...and saved the day...1 day before it when into production!

truebeliever | 30 March 2013

I think the standard stereo is very good. I've been able to understand lyrics that were previously mysterious! I expect that the upgrade is fantastic, but I'm very happy with the standard version. I don't have high-end equipment in my house and I've never before owned a car quiet enough to bother with high-end sound! Maybe ignorance is bliss!

amirm | 31 March 2013

I did not get it. The only feature I thought was really important is turn by turn NAV. I was assuming that a google map will be available in the future making it similar to the capability you get on a smart phone. The car clearly had a GPS chip so I don't see reason why not. The capability of having maps stored locally to get NAV when no cellular coverage is something I am willing to pass.

So... If my assumption about a google app for car eventually happens I won't regret my decision.

DouglasR | 31 March 2013

@amirm - While you do get a Google-sourced map on the touch screen, without the tech package, it will not give you turn-by-turn directions as you get on a smart phone.

ChasF | 31 March 2013

I think he was speculating that it would be available in the future. If not from Tesla, then thru a third party app. I think so too.