Tesla and Google get together

Tesla and Google get together

I just wanted to throw this out there and see what kind of responses I get but I personally think it would be sweet if Tesla produced a Model S that used Google's driverless car technology, I mean both companies are in silicon valley so it wouldn't be hard for them to get together. Now before I get a bunch of posts about how fun the Model S will be to drive and what not there is an off button so that it doesn't always have to drive itself. But I really think this would be an awesome fusion of technology. What do you think?

Nicu | 18 June 2011

99% of Google "products" are perpetually stuck in beta. Nobody wants to hand the family's security to that.

gjunky | 18 June 2011

Volkswagen has a self driving taxi (prototype I am sure). You can call it with an mobile app and it will drive itself to you and then drive you to your destination.

I think the tech is getting closer. But, what is the fun of buying a car like a Tesla and not actually drive it? :)
I understand there could be lots of reasons, but if you want a self driving car, why not just get some generic box on wheels since you are just using it for transportation anyway.

Nicu | 18 June 2011

Generic box on wheels exist now. It's called public transportation. Very efficient, most of it electrified for a long time. No cost upfront. Very cheap to use. No maintenance costs, no insurance needed.

Nicu | 18 June 2011

I meant self driving generic box on wheels. They are also much safer than to drive a car.

Sudre | 18 June 2011

I can see some uses for this... short term stuff like finding music or texting or phone calls but I would think that in reality you would still have to be ready to take over driving within a split second. If the cruise control shuts off the car just slows down. If the autodrive shuts off on a corner... crash.
That alone removes it's usefulness.... To have a car driving itself but alway have your hands and mind ready to take over. It's a lot different than not having a foot ready to maintain speed or break.

Brian H | 19 June 2011

I get reeeely sick of that "public transportation" is the generic automobile equivalent stuff. It's so obviously false that it's astonishing anyone actually says it.

You deliver YOURSELF to the pick up point, which may be many blocks away (in the suburbs, this is common).
You arrive at or before the pick up times, which may be a half-hour or hour apart. AND which exclude nights and some holidays.
You get to sit IF the vehicle isn't overfilled before you get into it.
You share sounds, smells, and sights of whoever happens to be there with you.
Your carry-on amounts are seriously limited. A significant shopping trip for one person is barely practical, let alone two or more.

If you don't think the above are serious issues, then you haven't had to live with them.

Nicu | 19 June 2011

It was an argument for generic boxes which drive themselves. I know those issues, especially in US. I live in Paris and public transportation quite well developed, but I still take my car to work as it saves me 1h+ per day (plus your reasons). And I love driving and I hate polluting. So I hope the Model S will be out on schedule so my TSLA calls inflate so I could buy the car only on those profits ;)

evjc | 19 June 2011

If you want a public transport, driving from a to b, without stopping for others, driving autonomous and electric, that is called "PERSONAL RAPID TRANSIT"

speedmind | 20 June 2011

Now this technology is cool only if it delivers like the Google Robocar and with those spinning lasers on the roof it kind of looks cool as well.

Only problem is that you don't spend in gas you do on tyres...


speedmind | 20 June 2011

Sorry it's better with a properly formatted link...

Brian H | 20 June 2011

That's a really scary ride!

Filipe Portugal | 23 June 2011

Pls dont put more wheight on the car :(

Brian H | 23 June 2011

weight has only one "h" hin Henglish. ;)

ncn | 29 June 2011

I suspect it will be a long time before driverless cars are allowed on the road. Psychological biases.

In contrast, we already have driverless trains in operation (Docklands Light Railway and Vancouver SkyRail come to mind). Incidentally, they tend to run very frequently (every 10 minutes or less), and 24 hours a day, because "ordinary" public transportation is usually limited by labor costs, and driverless trains aren't. They tend to be fairly spacious as well...

We could use more driverless trains but that's another topic...

Jaffray | 29 June 2011

Who cares about driverless vehicles?...(even before getting my Roadster), I ALWAYS WANT TO DRIVE! (enormous, unparalelled sense of freedom!)

Brian H | 1 July 2011

The Vancouver Skytrain is not 24/7. It varies somewhat, but basically no runs between 1 am and 5 am.

Mardy930 | 15 February 2015

Google has invested 1 billion in spaceX....not a giant leap to see them team up with Tesla

Red Sage ca us | 15 February 2015

Gee... I wonder why the seats in this self driving electric car look so very familiar...?

OHMY | 15 February 2015

I'd like to see them pair up. I agree- would be a natural pairing if self-driving was a selectable state.