Tesla and Rental car companies: A very large potential market

Tesla and Rental car companies: A very large potential market

I took a test drive of a Tesla S the other day. And although I enjoyed the test drive, I think I would have loved to have driven it longer in order to become more acquainted with the vehicle, screen features, etc..

So I was wondering if Tesla has considered selling/buyback leasing/etc their cars to rental car companies.

The selling point to rental car companies is that it is a high performance, clean energy, long range, low maintenance vehicle for them to have in their fleet.

And for Tesla? a wide range potential selling tool for its vehicles. Because as most people say, when you try a Tesla S, you want a Tesla S. So this puts the Model S test drive in the hands of more people.

As a potential customer, it would allow me a full day to "kick the tires" of a Tesla S, before running to my Tesla store and placing an order.

I don't know how many rental car locations are in the USA and worldwide. says they rent to 6000 rental locations worldwide. So it seems to me that would be a pretty big market to "sell" the car.

In addition, it would create a pretty large Tesla used car market as well for the masses who want a Tesla S, but who can afford a used, yet cheaper, Model S when the rental car company switches the car out for another new Tesla Model S.

With Elon Musk guaranteeing the depreciation value of the Model S, how could a rental car company NOT want this vehicle in their fleet of vehicles?

Brian H | 24 July 2013

Range anxiety by proxy. If the renter runs low, what does the rental company do?

mjp25 | 24 July 2013

Actually, I think that taxi companies would a great fit for the model S. Maybe even give them access to the battery swap tech so they can keep their cars moving.

Lenoss | 25 July 2013

Taxi - an ideal platform for car sales TESLA. At least in Ukraine - it is one of the only ways to introduce potential clients to the TESLA model range, and the most important thing to start building infrastructure. I am the director of the company for the taxi market in Ukraine. My friends for several years selling electric cars in Ukraine, they are doing bad. Just sell electric car in Ukraine is impossible, it is necessary that the rich Ukrainians in love with him. Ukraine has a great need for premium cars in the taxi. Synthesize a taxi business and the business of selling cars Tesla - Tesla is the best promotion in Ukraine. Elon, what are your intentions about Ukraine?

davidg11 | 25 July 2013


Rental car companies already offer electric vehicles. So why on earth would they not want to offer one with the highest range possible?

Some examples:


If they are going to provide a mere Nissan Leaf which provides far more range anxiety...why not a Tesla S?

dollardragon | 25 July 2013

Hertz does offer the Model S for rent via Hertz Dream Cars ( Currently, they are only available at SFO and LAX. There are also other opportunities to rent by the hour via Getaround, MPG Car Rental, Club Sportiva, B&W Car Rental. Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Exotic Car Collection now offers customers the option to rent an all-electric luxury vehicle. A Tesla Model S with a 60kw battery and one S with an 85Kw were added to Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection in Southern California.

Further, for all the entrepreneurs out there who think there should be more Teslas available via rental, now you can start your own rental company with the help of Rent Centric Software ( which provides almost everything you need to run your rental company except of course the cars. So quit whining and do something. Buy some Teslas, get the software, get insurance, rent locations and hire people. How simple can it be? Locate yourself at all the high traffic jet ports that cater to private jets or nearby. So, there you go, an almost turnkey money maker. Now just add money.

Brian H | 2 September 2013

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data02 | 1 December 2014
carlgo | 2 December 2014

Actually I blew a transmission cooler line and was stuck in another city, went to Enterprise. The sort of rock 'n roll guy asked what I wanted. I said a Tesla. He said, $350 a day and he would make the call. I went with the quite decent Mercedes at a Toyota price, as it was their only remaining car there.

I got to thinking about how they would educate a renter about charging and all that, not to mention other operating features. A lot of people would not know about Superchargers, other charging options, how to work the screen, etc.

vgarbutt | 2 December 2014

Actually this gives me an idea! Newsflah.

If tesla had rental companies in the states that don't allow test drives, maybe you could rent one for a day or a half day to test drive one! Maybe you could even get a huge deal on the rental as well. Any biters?

Al1 | 7 December 2014

MPG Car Rental Releases Video On Electric Car Exhibition At Los Angeles Green Festival
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MPG Car Rental showcased one of its full electric luxury vehicles, the Tesla Model S, voted 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year. MPG Car Rental invited guests to check out the Tesla and learn more about the company and its all green fleet.

"MPG is proud to show our exciting developments at the Green Festival, in our efforts to help build a greener, most sustainable world," said Steve Vahidi, President of MPG Car Rental.

MPG Car Rental's video features host Tamee Harrison interviewing MPG Car Rental's President Steve Vahidi and his company's mission as an all green car rental company, as well as a number of Green Festival guests about their thoughts on alternative transportation.

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MPG Car Rental continues to promote alternative transportation and support green efforts, and looks forward to exhibiting again at next year's Los Angeles Green Festival.

For more information or questions, please contact Steve Vahidi, MPG Car Rental President, at

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MPG Car Rental is an all green car rental company based in Los Angeles, CA. With its selection of hybrid, clean diesel, and electric vehicles, MPG focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and bringing an affordable green alternative to car rental.

News Media Contact:
Helen Bromfield
Cell (407) 233 - 9167 | 9 January 2015

Sixt rent a car also offers the opportunity to rent a Tesla in San Diego here.
Maybe they will expand Tesla into other locations.