Tesla is brilliant

Tesla is brilliant

So I'm waiting on the Model X, but in the meantime we needed to take a road trip: me, my wife, and two kids.

So off we head in our CRV from Fort Lauderdale area.

Without planning it, we find ourselves stopping for snacks. It was late at night and it didn't even occur to me where we were. But I noticed that we took thirty minutes for our snack stop.

Then as we were getting back on the road, I noticed where we had stopped: right by the Port St Lucie Superchargers.

Tesla is brilliant.

redacted | 21 March 2014

Oh yeah.

logicalthinker | 21 March 2014

The point is that for an average family, the Supercharger distribution and recharge speed is a near perfect match for trip-pause frequency.

And I discovered this just coincidentally last night, as described above.

jordanrichard | 21 March 2014

I will have my car next Sat., but I did an experiment, to see just how much time it took to pull over on the MA pike, grab something to eat and go. It was 20 mins. That was without using the bathroom or putting gas in the car and it was just me. So if you added an actual bathroom break and putting gas in the car, it would have been an easy 30-40mins.

So as you have seen, Tesla really thought this one through.

Chunky Jr. | 21 March 2014

I drive from SF Bay Area to LA along I-5 maybe once or twice a year. I've always been the type of person who wants to get there ASAP without stops. So when I took my first trip down there with my Tesla, I wasn't sure what to expect. It actually turned out to be a great experience. It took longer in real time, but it felt a lot shorter. Breaking the trip into a couple of shorter legs removed the middle of the trip monotony, and I felt refreshed getting into LA rather than wiped out. Of course you could do the same thing in an ICE car, but it is easy to blow past a stop if you don't have to take one. Plus I met some nice Tesla owners at each of the superchargers.

Roamer@AZ USA | 21 March 2014

@ Chunky, It is interesting that no one pumping gas has the time or interest in anything but getting the gas pumped. Since pumping Amps into a Tesla takes two seconds to start and requires no baby sitting I have noticed people are relaxed and friendly. Not to mention the whole experience is in a clean environment where your are not trying to avoid oil puddles and fuel drips while you breathe the fumes.

jordanrichard | 21 March 2014

+1 on not having to babysit while refueling. How many of us have had gas come bubbling out because the pump didn't kick off in time. Don't love the smell of raw gas as it runs donw the side of your car and possibly your shoes......

NKYTA | 21 March 2014

Agreed - long trips are much more relaxing in an MS.

My wife absolutely hates putting gas in her Mustang as she constantly has to pull it out and restart (sometimes 10 times for one tank). She actually had the tank replaced 3 years ago and it stopped acting up for about a year. Now not under warranty anymore. Phooey.

Chunky Jr. | 21 March 2014

@ Roamer : agreed that with gas the goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible. With supercharger, it is more of a destination. It's a cool feeling using them as I feel part of the future. And it's free! Kind of like being in a Tesla Country Club.