Tesla Commercials

Tesla Commercials

I have yet to see Tesla advertisement on TV, at least in TX. Is Tesla planning to roll out advertising and marketing through the various media outlets or just depend on word of mouth? Or is the competition is trying to block Tesla from advertising because they do not actually have an active showroom (dealerships) in states? (TX has 1)

ian | 26 July 2013

Tesla doesn't yet need to advertise. Why? Because they are currently supply constrained (versus being demand constrained). What does this mean? It means they are currently selling more cars than they can produce.

Besides, they get plenty of free advertising in the news with all the coverage of the stock run up as well as reviews of the Model S and the roll out of the supercharger network. Actually, it's been stated that the money they are using for the installation of the Supercharger stations IS their marketing budget. Brilliant!


nwdiver93 | 26 July 2013

Tesla is slowing rolling out an ad campaign... they're called Superchargers.

ian | 26 July 2013

And owners! Only a little quicker than the Superchargers. ;-)

george | 29 July 2013

Kinda like a Tesla commercial:

Brian H | 29 July 2013

Hm, a mix of a Nissan and private consumer productions? Dicey, I expect some kickback. Copyright violation?