Tesla Information Systems Inquiry

Tesla Information Systems Inquiry

I am an Executive MBA student in the Boston area working on a Tesla case study for a course presentation. Can anyone lead me to basic information on Tesla company's information system structure and processes? Perhaps I could speak with or email a Tesla IT person or be pointed in the direction of helpful literature?

Much thanks.


PorfirioR | 9 June 2013

I wish you the best of luck in your studies. My recommendation would be to go to the "Contact" page on this web site and start from there.
Also, there is a good chance that your school's Institutional Review Board (IRB) might want to be involved since you mentioned that this is a case study. Who knows, your IRB might even provide assistance in putting you in touch through more official channels, depending on your school.

ghillair | 9 June 2013

You might also try stopping at the Natick Mall Tesla store and talking with someone there to see if they might be able to help you make the right contact.