Tesla Model R article

Tesla Model R article

lolachampcar | 18 June 2013

why reinvent the drive system? simply pull the front wheel drive from X, pass a bit more current to it and pair it with the existing P85 rear power train. That should do nicely.

and what is it with these guys and their paddle shifting on a single speed gearbox?

PaceyWhitter | 18 June 2013

Don't know if I like the art. The drawing looks mre like a concept for a gen III coupe then a supercar.

One question someone more intellegent then me should know is what is the maximum power draw from the battery? At some point slapping another motor in there is not going to matter because the battery will be the limiting factor.

RedShift | 18 June 2013

That's hideously proportioned.

Thank god it's not real.

DTsea | 18 June 2013

hp*1000/754 I think is kW draw. So the S Performance is over 400 hp... that's 500, 600 kW.

Tom A | 18 June 2013

EM said that there would be a new Roadster, and hints and reasonable conjecture say that it will be build on the GenIII platform.

The only question remaining is whether it will be introduced before, or after, the GenIII SUV (the GenIII sedan is first, we know that now).

Well, that, and why would the article have a 4-seater? The P85+ is a family supercar already. A real supercar is going to be a 2-door, 2-seater, as I assume the new Roadster will be.

DTsea | 18 June 2013

Paddle shifters- like acetylene lanterns on early cars. Buggy whip stuff.

Only reason to add a transmission, and shifting, would be to raise top speed.