Tesla a no show in Denver

Tesla a no show in Denver

Went to the Denver Auto Show yesterday hoping to see that exploded Model S, but alas, they were nowhere to be found, which was a bit surprising since they have a showroom in Boulder. Hope to see them make an appearance next year with the production Model S. If you're going to be "America's fourth car company" you need to get out there!

msiano17 | 3 April 2011

They were a no show in Chicago also, but their reason was that it did not make sense to be a part of an auto show where thousands of people would swarm them and the actual people who reserved are unable to speak to them. They wanted to bring the S to their store and have a more personal setting with them to actually be able to answer all their questions.

Honestly, I like their viewpoint. But I better see the Beta in the auto show next year

Sudre | 3 April 2011

I was thinking about the auto shows not too long ago when there was one in St. Louis. I don't really think Tesla would gain much at an auto show for gas cars. People are not really there looking for electric cars and I figure 99% of the people at the one in St. Louis would only stop to loudly make fun of the idea and make foolish statements about how they would not want to get covered in battery acid when they got in an accident.

Here we can make fun of the losers when they come in with their backwards concepts. A Tesla rep can not. They have to remain kind and courteous at all times. I good sales person knows to never insult the costumer even if they are not interested in purchasing.

I think Tesla is better, right now, letting the buyer come to them.

Mittar | 4 April 2011

I saw the Model S prototype in the Boulder store when it was there, and there were perhaps 20 other people in the store, total. Plenty of space to take pictures, check out the car etc. I'd much rather see it that way. Besides, about 20% of the people I talked to in the store knew so little about Tesla that they thought the Roadster was a hybrid! Imagine the level of ignorance about Tesla that you'd find at an ICE car show?

jfeister | 4 April 2011

Geez, cmon guys. I'm as big a Tesla fanboy as anyone, but just because Tesla does or doesn't mean you have to dream up justifications for it. You're telling me Tesla doesn't want to have to deal with educating the public about electric cars and correcting misconceptions? Good luck! That's going to be a big part of Tesla for a long time. They are going to have to field the same questions about EV's over and over again for the next decade. Might as well get used to it.

jfeister | 4 April 2011

err..that should be "does or doesn't do something doesn't mean" :)

Tim10 | 4 April 2011

I don't think Tesla is big enough to attend all of the various auto shows that occur around country even if they would like to.

msiano17 | 4 April 2011

@ Tim10

I would agree there. I think attending only the super big ones is important to their appearance.

@ jfeister

You are right that they do need to get used to it, but wouldn't be easier to explain what you are talking about when you can actually show a nearly identical model of the car that will be going through production (Beta model). Once that gets released, I see them going out more and answering the ignorant questions.

Vawlkus | 5 April 2011

I don't think they NEED to explain; once the model s hits the streets, it'll do all the talking Tesla needs.

In a way, each Tesla customer that owns a models becomes a rolling advertisement & knowledge bank.

searcher | 5 April 2011

Their perogaative, sure there was a good reason but that's "regen country" out there baby.

Brian H | 6 April 2011

They need to be at every show, under a banner that says, "Our cars run on goose juice!"

And then explain when asked what THAT means!


Jaffray | 6 April 2011

Far too expensive to go in all of the shows at this time...I'd be looking for them in most shows after of the Detroit 2012 imo.