Is Tesla for real?

Is Tesla for real?

I have put my S thru all sorts of personal tests, whether it be functional or driving. Tesla from the moment I reserved in Oct 2010 has been so helpful for a curious guy like me. Never cease to amaze the amount of pride and support they show in their cars and customers.
Today I was awaken by a call from Tesla support. (I sleep during the day as I work at night.) They were calling me about a recent e mail I sent stating my car had done the 4.2 update and while everything seemed to work flawlessly, the graphic image of the car was not right. They called to see if the image was correct now. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs like a kid on Christmas morning! I hopped in the car and sure enough, there on my center console was my car again, complete with my 21" wheels and my super cool carbon spoiler. I glanced over to the dash and the excitement halted... the wheels were there but no spoiler. I hesitated when he asked if everything looked correct. Feeling kind of foolish to gripe about an almost unnoticeable carbon strip on the smallest image of the car. He asked again and I mentioned the spoiler in the dash. He confirmed that console was correct, but the dash was missing just the spoiler. I felt as if I had asked for too much, being greedy, or anal. He confirmed once more the problem and we ended the call. I texted my wife saying that Tesla had just fixed the console but the dash was still not right. I held the camera to send her a picture to see if she really cared about that little tid bit. When the camera focused on the image, it had a spoiler! Like some sort of magic, POOF it was there! While still in shock my phone rings again. Its Tesla. 'Does everything look the way it should?' he asks. I told him it did, and that was amazing! His reply? 'We know, we try to amaze.'
So yeah, I am over the top giddy with my S!
Tesla does amaze. The S is amazing. I am amazed! I never have to take it anywhere. It fills up while I sleep, it gets improvements while I sleep, it gets fixed while I sleep.
Maybe I'm just still dreaming... | 13 February 2013

You are having a utopian dream like the rest of us--try not to wake us up :o)

cloroxbb | 13 February 2013

You are happy that Tesla fixed a problem for you :)

I am now seeing the genius of the car being very software based, as most problems can be fixed over the air, without needing to drive anywhere. I can dig it.

Superliner | 13 February 2013

@ CnJsSigP

AWESOME!! post I can't wait to get my Tesla Grin on!! I'm amazed and I don't even have a car yet!!

Brian H | 13 February 2013

Woo. There's a slogan Tesla Marketing should jump on, if they ever feel the need to actually market! "We try to amaze." :D

sshrivas | 13 February 2013

@CnJsSig that's an amazing post. Really cool how they fixed the car proactivley.

Wish they amaze me by having my car ready like tomorrow. March/April delivery feels like time too distant in future.

c.bussert67 | 13 February 2013

The time passes, and for me even though we waited over a year, once it comes time it will feel like, already? Now?! Is everything in place? Ready to charge?
I still remember hearing the sounds of the S for the first time. The handles whir, the solenoid release of the door latch. Then... silence. The trailer creaked and moaned as the S rolled down the ramps. Once it pavement, not a sound was heard. It just floated over to my driveway. It choked me up. The silence and grace of that car is emotional.
Your time will come. There's no amount of waiting that is too long for a car like this.
I'm hoping for a 1 year anniversary party at the factory from the day they released the first S. I think it would be cool to see how many S's there are and can make the drive. I'm sure Elon would love to see S's fill the parking lot! One last hooray for the S before the X takes the stage...

olanmills | 14 February 2013

I'm glad you're happy, but it's software. You should expect this.

It's funny to think that you were amazed about a few pixels being altered as you were just about to capture a marvelous image of the natural world into the virtual world of your camera, transimitted as modulations of a flow of electrons and stored on paper thin wafer of magic material, and then you would hit send where your picture would be translated to modulations of a radio wave, picked up by a giant antenna miles away, distinguished from the bajillions of other radio signals, and then (after possibley having beamed straight into outer space to a miraculous computer that is floating miles above our planet) the cel tower finds your wife's phone out of the bajillions of other device out there, magically beams your image to her phone as a radio wave, the radio wave turns into electrons dancing around and the super tiny, fully capable computer inside your wife's phone figures out how to reconsitute these electrons into an image, and so it uses more electricity to stimulates cells of liquid crystal(!!) to display an image that you just saw with your own eyes miles away!

Brian H | 14 February 2013

Naw, it's way more complicated than that!

c.bussert67 | 15 February 2013

Tell ya what olan, I've been expecting this for a long time now. I just never got it. It's turned me into quite the mechanic though. I figure if I wanted crappy service, I can do that myself for free, (with only the cost of my own time).
Yeah, even when I thought it was software, I know the dealership can fix that! Took my truck down to get the speedo re calibrated cause I put smaller tires on it. They said they couldn't do it, that I had to buy a new ECU... So I drive my truck and have to compensate 10% anywhere I drive to do the speed limit.
So I guess in the end I'm just glad I got the service I did.
(this post will travel from a memory buffer in my PC,((heck, it could've been from my S)) be coded and sent in digital packets to a storage unit at some cyberspace location where it will sit until it is to be accessed. It will then be decoded to be displayed, unbeknownst to your PC, as a visual stream of information that we call english.) *click*

EcLectric | 15 February 2013

Whaddaya mean they can fix it without having to drive anywhere? That's no good. This is the first car I've owned in which I would love an excuse to drive it - even to the 'shop'. The 'shop' is actually a nice place to be.

olanmills | 16 February 2013

I wasn't seriously trying to admonish you btw, just trying to be funny.

olanmills | 16 February 2013

But yeah, you are right btw, we should have had technology and simplicity like this in ICE cars even a long time ago too. I also think home technology is way behind the times too. It exists, but it's still sort of specialized and expensive.

Brian H | 16 February 2013

Soon you'll 3D-print your new electronics. LOL

c.bussert67 | 16 February 2013

You were funny, and I loved the description of your travelling data. (Mine pales in comparison.) You just hit a sore point with me that has never ceased to disappoint. Automotive service in my experience has been either crooked, or worthless... even both.
I still remember going to Tesla with my down payment check in hand and they told me to hang onto it and read the brochures and ask any questions first.
At a dealership you are all but tackled by the sales guys trying to convince you he's got the car you want on the lot, even though its not the color or options you want. Thanks to their shotty repair work, I became an awesome mechanic and managed to save enough money doing my own work to buy a Tesla! Sold that car for my down payment, LOL!

olanmills | 18 February 2013

Wow, that's awesome.

dborn | 18 February 2013

I wish they would "amaze" us right hand drive countries and introduce it already!!!
Our local rep has lost his job and Tesla is no longer actively marketing in Australia because of this. (he hopes to get his job back in due time - he was a good rep for the company and fitted right in with the descriptions I read here of Tesla people). Does not bode well for a late 2013 introduction of Right hand drive as previously announced.